Wednesday 19th August: A very busy day

I must start with a correction and apology.  Yorky, the peke who has gone to Peke Haven (not heaven) after proving to be a bit too much of a challenge in our cramped office space, is a girl.  The comment and explanation for her behaviour has been posted after yesterday’s entry.

 I got a call on my morning walk to tell me that there was a man with a large German Shepherd on his way to AFCD to have it killed.  The dog had its mouth tightly bound with a plastic cable tie and was obviously stressed.  What to do?  I said keep the dog and I’ll sort out details later. Apparently the dog was a fishing boat guard, and the owner who was taking it to AFCD said the workmen (not clear if the crew or outside workers) were afraid of the dog so he was getting rid of it. 

 My first call whenever a German Shepherd arrives is to Vivian, someone who knows and loves the breed and who has a lifeline set up between Hong Kong and California, and a German Shepherd rescue centre there.  Sure enough, Vivian was straight on the case and arrived at kennels to meet the dog, since named Captain, shortly after I did.

 Captain is a beautiful boy, three years old and very large but gentle.  His short trip from Aberdeen to Pokfulam, and death, will now hopefully be a rather longer one to California and the start a whole new life.

Likki saved Imogen's life

Likki saved Imogen's life

 More new lives also began for the black labrador puppy, Katherine, who was found tied to a tree near the kennels, as she left with her adopters, and Likki, the puppy who literally saved Imogen’s life when she befriended her at AFCD kennels.  Imogen is now a happy and affectionate dog, a far cry from the terrified, wall-climbing girl I almost gave up on. It’s so good to see her now.

Truffle, the poodle, has gone off to a new home too.  He’s still nervous, but after his very short stay on Lamma he had shown that he likes to play with other dogs, and also likes swimming.  It may take time but he’ll be fine.

 I also brought the remaining two baby pups to kennels, and they have now gone to a foster home, as has “Mini Rollo”, a gorgeous chocolate-coloured puppy who looks just like a little version of our lovely long-term boy.  She’s quickly losing her puppy fluff though, and will soon look very different.

Rollo and his Mini-Me, Suki

Rollo and his Mini-Me, Suki

All round it was a good day, though not over as it turned out when I left the kennels with Mark, who had offered me a lift to the sampan.  Just as we had headed off, a man flagged the car down and asked if we were from HKDR.  To be honest, I was expecting a complaint, but intead the man told us that there was a small dog under a bus and badly hurt.  My first thought was Cosmo, who had just been taken out for a walk, but it turned out to be a little Jack Russell who was hiding under a parked van just outside the AFCD gates.  As Mark and I crouched down to have a look, the stench was already discernible, the smell of screw worm infestation, of dead and rotting flesh. I called the dog, and amazingly the poor thing came straight out, head down, submissive but willing.  The gaping wound on his shoulder was easy to see, and there was no question that this was an emergency vet case.  I ran to the kennels to get a towel to wrap round the dog’s wound, while asking Kathy to call SPCA to let them know we were on the way.

If you have ever been near a dog that has screw worm you’ll know about the stench  It’s overpowering, the worst smell you can possibly imagine.  It gets into your clothes and even your skin, and as much as I tried to keep the towel tightly wrapped round the poor little dog’s body, there was no escape.  The pus was oozing out of the wound and over the towel, and even with both windows open it was a huge relief to arrive at the SPCA clinic in Wanchai, and into the consult room.

The wound was even worse than I had thought when I glanced at it, and then quickly looked away.  It was a gaping chasm, and how the poor boy had survived the three or four days since it must have happened, I have no idea.  A pain killing injection was quickly given, the first step in this little dog’s rehabilitation.  He was severely dehydrated so would need to go on a drip before any further treatment could be administered, but I knew he was safe now.  He has a microchip, so he may have a home to go back to, but if not I’m sure he’ll find another one very quickly.  What an amazing little dog he is to have survived such terrible wounds, and to be so sweet and stoical.  He’s a true hero, so that will be his name. Hero.

 To be able to carry out this work in saving dogs’ lives, we have created the Life Saver’s Club, a donation progamme that will not only help us with our ever-growing financial commitments, but also help members connect to a specific long-term dog.  As a true No Kill organisation, once a dog is in the care of HKDR, we accept the responsibility of care for that dog’s whole life.  That means that we have many long-termers, some of whom will find homes eventually, many of whom will not.  We need help to take care of these dogs, their food and ongoing costs such as monthy tick/flea and heartworm protection, as well as vet care as needed. Click here to find out more about this great programme.

To help us save more dogs’ lives, click here to make a donation.

Thank you!


3 Responses to “Wednesday 19th August: A very busy day”

  1. Laura Says:

    While on Staunton St last night I stopped to say hello to a puppy that was happily ambling down the street, only to find out it was Likki on her first ever evening walk with her new Mum, the pair on their way to catch up with the new Dad. She was not phased at all by the overexcited stranger saying hello and lived up to her name by giving me some hello kisses. I am sure she will have a happy life!

  2. Pei Says:

    I met Likki this morning along Caine Road, on my way to work with her new dad…she was beautifully behaved and so gorgeous to look at! Such a happy, friendly dog…I’m so happy that she’s found a home!!

  3. Abby and Lou Says:

    That’s fantastic to hear about Likki. Likki is a star! The new mum and dad seem real nice. Can’t wait to see her!

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