Tuesday 18th August: Not all bad

Life at HKDR isn’t all bad news or about awful dog owners.  I suppose these cases stand out and make you wonder why and how, but there are many lovely stories and great people to make up for the horrors.

Our core volunteers, for example, amaze me with their dedication and willingness to put in many hours of their time, even though a lot of them also have full time jobs.  Or the adopters who don’t give up but have the time and patience to work with dogs who may have trouble adjusting to their new homes.  Our foster carers  look after the sick and needy cases, helping the dogs recovering from surgery or taking care of the old and vulnerable.  All of these volunteers make the system tick, and without them there wouldn’t be an HKDR to write about.

 One of our regular puppy fosters picked up two of the new baby pups today (thanks Alice and Nichola, a great mother/daughter team), and another regular puppy foster took home Nelson, one of the white sharpei puppies (thanks Mel).  It’s a relief to know they are in good hands and will be well looked after.

 A new foster couple took the pair of Westies home, so they can recover from the traumatic experience of being abandoned in the middle of nowhere.  Both dogs have now been desexed, and I’m sure they’ll quickly find permanent homes.

Be good and happy, Newfie!

Be good and happy, Newfie!

 Newfie, my lovely boy, has gone off to start a new life with an old friend of mine so I’ll be able to keep in touch with him.  What was his story?  He was found as a stray but must have been a loved companion at some time as he arrived fully trained and well behaved after a long stay at AFCD.

Lovely teeth, Yorky .....

Lovely teeth, Yorky .....

 Yorky, the food-guarding, twice-surrendered peke boy, has gone to a Pekingese Haven on Lamma where he will stay with other troubled and rehabilitated pekes until he learns new behaviour.  Poor boy, he has not had a good life so far and it’s not really his fault that he has learned that teeth work quite well if you want to be left alone, or you need to look after your food.  Still, it’s a relief that he won’t be around in the office at feeding time any more.

 The poodle boy, Truffle, who was surrendered when a human baby came along, is doing well and enjoyed an outing to the beach and even a swim.  He won’t stay with us for long.  In fact he already has an adoption interview lined up for tomorrow, so fingers crossed that he will pass the test and go off to start his new life.

 Terra’s foster carer has sent such a lovely photo of her and her new BF.  There’s new hope for Terra as further tests show that the lump inside her could be something far less sinister than a tumour, and the next few weeks will tell.

Terra snuggles up to her new BF

Terra snuggles up to her new BF

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3 Responses to “Tuesday 18th August: Not all bad”

  1. Joanna Tse Says:

    Dear Sally,
    We are very appreciated your dediction of HKDR and We feel painful when you twice emphasized in the case of the twice-surrendered dog. Yorky is a girl. May be she has always been threatened by our last maid at home. Actually our building is not permitted to keep pets. Then, we always gave some biscuits to Yorky so as not to let her make noise. It is our faults. Yorky formed the habits to keep things and to be very aggressive. We all love Yorky very much. We are thankful for the foster carers. Please forward our thankfulness to them. Thank you very much indeed!

  2. max Says:

    I would say Truffle is a very lucky one – getting help from HKDR and will get a home that loves him…..
    and thanks HKDR for rehomeing and giving them second / even third and fourth life again…
    I am sure the lovely dogs will also bring a lot of happiness to their “real” owner. Max

  3. lesleysutherland Says:

    My wonderful (only occasionally maddening) HKDR Peke Jake did the food guarding thing a bit when he first came home (as well as wanting to be, of course, boss of not only everyone living in or visiting the house, but everyone walking by on the street outside, everyone (human or dog) that we met out walking, and everyone who falsely assumed they had the right to walk on the ferry pier that is not far from our rooftop. Fortunately he was patiently but FIRMLY persuaded otherwise. He only needs the occasional reminder now!

    Also, he and my village-dog HKDR boy Blondi now eat happily out of the same bowl 🙂

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