Monday 17th August: Adding to the collection

Terra, the unhealthiest "healthy" dog ever

Terra, the unhealthiest "healthy" dog ever

An early call from the vet looking at Terra, the tiny Yorkie girl who was recently surrendered, wasn’t great news.  The ex-owner had proudly told me that Terra was very healthy, in fact so healthy that in all her twelve years she had never been to see a vet, and because she had never left the home she had never even be vaccinated.  Terra arrived with rotten teeth and obvious mammary tumours (a result of not being desexed).  Those problems were dealt with and Terra went to a lovely foster home to recover from her surgery, but it then became apparent that there were other bladder-related issues, and as I got this morning’s call there was even further bad news.  Terra has bladder and kidney stones, but also a lump in her colon which is quite likely to be an aggressive type of cancer. The prognosis isn’t good.  Surgery is out of the question, so the only option is to treat the bladder stones with diet, and have Terra checked again at a later date to see if the tumour inside is growing, and how fast.  So much for a healthy dog!

I knew there was no avoiding AFCD today as I had promised to take out a surrendered pug.  Over the weekend, always a favourite time for dumping the family pet, there were several more surrenders.  Blinky, a young, white Pekingese boy, still wearing his harness, and Truffle, a 4-year old poodle who had been surrendered (along with his ball) because the owners had had a “real” baby. From Truffle’s behaviour, I can tell that until that point he had been the family baby.  He was terrified and bewildered, and I don’t blame him.  In my mind I can see him happily jumping into the family car and being taken to the groomers to get him ready for his next appointment – checking into AFCD.  I wonder if his owners shed a tear for him?  I’ve been there when dogs have been surrendered, and seen the newly-ex owners leave with a cheery wave and a “Bye bye!  Bye bye!”

There are other, big dogs also waiting for me to take them out, but until some more of our current kennel residents are adopted I can only take the smaller ones.  Even knowing that, I had to bring over some of the older puppies from Lamma as they’re growing big and there’s zero chance of them being adopted if nobody can see them.  Beautiful Simon and his equally gorgeous brother, Piers, are two of the lucky ones (or unlucky from their point of view), and they’re joined by Jools, recently-adopted Milky’s brother.  After stopping off at AFCD to have their rabies shot and microchips done, they’re dropped off at our kennels to fend for themselves while I have to go back to AFCD to sort out the new boys.

Apart from Blinky and Truffle there is also the pug that I had seen last week.  Actually I suspect he’s a pug/peke mix as he’s short and squat and, I have to admit, he looks too much like a toad not to call him Toady.  But he’s sweet, happy and playful, and just glad to be out.

And yes, there are more puppies, four very young and gorgeous boys.  I can’t leave them, and they are really very cute.  Fosters are needed!

An update from Oscar’s 5-Star foster home is good news.  He’s doing well, although as expected it’s hard to stop him from running around, even on three legs.  All we can hope for is that he heals, and can then find a permanent home where he can run and play to his heart’s content.

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  1. Got Dog Kennels Says:

    That’s so sad about Terra.

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