Sunday 16th August: Good news, bad news

The news from the vet about Oscar is that he has a fractured leg but it’s not too serious as long as he can rest.  Luckily there’s a vacancy at one of our foster homes where Erica, the Neopolitan mastiff puppy, was staying until she was recently adopted.  It’s not going to be easy for Oscar to keep as quiet as he’s supposed to, but at least he’ll be away from kennels and in a home environment.  He’ll be happy.

I’m also happy that two more Lorry Pups were adopted at Whiskers’n’Paws today.  Short-legged Dino and small-sized Cider have gone to a home together, and I’m really looking forward to hearing about them and seeing how they grow, I mean the size and shape.  There’s often a surprise ending with these multibreeds.  Puppies that are huge as babies don’t grow much, and the small ones are like magic beanstalks.  I’m pretty sure that these two pups won’t be any bigger than medium-sized, but you never know.

The two Westies found abandoned arrive at kennels (photo by Mandy Chu)

The two Westies found abandoned arrive at kennels (photo by Mandy Chu)

There’s another near-tragedy story when two Westies are brought to the kennels.  They were found by hikers in the Plover Cove reservoir area, Tai Po, the boy lying on the path close to death, and the girl appearing out of the bushes when the hikers stopped to pick up her mate.  Both were starving, thirsty, filthy and covered in ticks, but they has been fed and cleaned up before being brought to us.  They’re not microchipped, and local villagers say the area is a favourite spot for dog dumpers, though few are small breeds like these.

 Not in my wildest dreams could I imagine leaving my dog in the middle of nowhere to face fear, starvation and almost certain slow death, but it seems there are many people who think that this is a good way to rid yourself of an unwanted nuisance. I don’t know what I’d do if I ever saw someone dumping their dog like this, but I doubt these lowlife scum ever do it in front of witnesses. Like the cowards they are, they would wait until the coast was clear, throw the dog out of the car, and drive off in a cloud of dust leaving a bewildered pet behind (who would no doubt wait faithfully for them to return).  My blood boils with hate and rage for those who can do this. 

 The two Westies will find homes quite easily, but what about all the other dogs out there, the ones that manage to survive.  Almost 100% guaranteed these dogs haven’t been desexed, and they will become the mothers and fathers of more unwanted feral dogs, the ones that are hated and hunted, trapped by the government dog-catching teams and taken back to be killed.  They are victims of unspeakable behaviour by their ex-owners who will never be punished for their heinous deed.

Little Minnie, adopted today

Little Minnie, adopted today

Back to the result of the dog dumping, ie.. the kennels, and it seems that people are finally coming back from their summer holidays and are ready to take on a new dog or puppy. Little Minnie, the shih tzu who was surrendered with her housemate, fat pug Exel, is adopted which is lovely news as she’s ten years old.  Another surrendered peke, Duffy, goes to a foster home, and Bugsy, the shih tzu who could have been a biter, will have a home in a few days.


There’s one big piece of news which I forgot to mention in yesterday’s entry, and that is that Milky, leader of the gang, was adopted.  Finally!  I don’t know why it took so long except that it’s been a long and slow summer, but I’m happy for him now.


Goodbye Milky!  We all love you

Goodbye Milky! We all love you

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4 Responses to “Sunday 16th August: Good news, bad news”

  1. sue kuok Says:

    I find no point in wasting time and energy cursing all the dog dumpers cause they are not even worth the dust in the ground!!!

    • Sally Says:

      You’re right that’s it’s pointless, but it helps to get it off my chest. The people who do this will never read my blog either, but as word spreads about what’s happening (and hopefully with at least a little help from this blog), then something may be done to stop the dumping, or at least to punish the dumpers so others will stop and think. Bit by bit we will start to make a difference.

  2. Norma L Says:

    I was there when the couple brought these two lovely Westies in. They told Maxwell and I that they asked around the villagers, and they say it’s pretty common to dump their dogs in the countryside. One big problem is that, in these New Territories area, especially in those villages, people never cared about getting dog license, and getting their dogs microchipped, so it makes things double hard when we try to track and punish the dog dumpers…

    My best wishes to the two lovely Westies. I am sure they will be homed very soon. They are so calm and quiet when I saw them. The couple placed them at the back of their car, without any collars or leashes. When we opened the car door, they didn’t jump out or anything. They just quietly sit there, looking curiously around, and didn’t struggle when we picked them up.

  3. eu Says:

    About dumped dogs on hills, I came across a story that my elderly aunties, who were hiking, saw an abandoned Pekingnese in Shing Mun Reservoir. Being not familiar with handling animals and the concept of animal centers, they just fed the doggy some food and left.

    Sometimes, simple actions like picking up the abandoned dogs and reaching out for help from animal centers are foreign concept to some people, though good hearted. Please help spread the news about these channels to your family and friends. Everyone can participate in the “chain” of helping stray animals.

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