Saturday 15th August: Winners and losers

I love watching puppies.  The way they play and interact, even sleep, never bores me.  I have Lorna’s puppies now, and they’re much bigger than I expected.  They’re also totally different from each other, a complete “variety pack” of  colours and shapes. Lorna is tan and medium sized, but only two of her kiddies have the same colouring, and they all look as though they’re going to be bigger than their mother. They’ve lived almost their entire lives so far in kennels, but have quickly adapted to their new home and instinctively started using the newspaper at the end of the balcony as their toilet.

 The three new puppies from AFCD are with them, and they too have very quickly settled.  Their initial franctic gobbling of food has stopped, and they have already put some meat on their bony frames.  The two smaller ones, Della and Pia, identical except in colour, tend to stick together, while Puddle does her own thing.

Somewhere in there is a slim pug trying to get out

Somewhere in there is a slim pug trying to get out

I think Exel, the giant-sized pug, has become a bit of a star on Facebook.  In her photo she looks like a balloon with a face, poor girl, but she has the last laugh today when she’s chosen for adoption.  She has a very sweet nature, and once she’s shed (quite a) few pounds, she’ll be a lovely-looking pug too. 


Oscar didn’t have such a good day.  He’s a fantastic dog, and it’s particularly sad (for me, anyway) that he’s in kennels and not in a home.  He was one of a litter of sleek little pups who grew into whippet-like adults.  They lived with me on Lamma, and Fabio, as he was then, was a dear little boy who was  adopted when he was still very young.  It wasn’t that the adopter was a bad owner, or that Oscar was a naughty puppy, but his high energy levels just didn’t suit the home he was in and he eventually came back when he was around nine months old.  He certainly does have a lot of energy and really needs a home where he can run and run and run, as well as having a buddy to play with.  On a leash he’s a bit of a puller, and today he was pulling as usual when the clip on the leash gave way and Oscar ended up being hit by a car.  The details I have are sketchy (I had my Saturday at home), but I know Oscar was sent to hospital for X-rays, and although he’ll be OK we now need a foster for him while he recovers. Maybe this will be Oscar’s chance to find a home.

Oscar, one of my special favourites

Oscar, one of my special favourites


I incorrectly identified the black doglet who had its leg pulled (not a joke) yesterday as Taco, when in fact it was Lula.  She is one of the very shy doglets, and although I think she’ll recover without needing professional medical help, trying to get her to take her medicine (antibiotics and pain killers), is a nightmare.  She’s so suspicious she thinks something’s up, and runs off when the ball of food wrapped round the tablets is offered. It requires  tactical exercise planning twice a day to get her to eat her meds, but it’s got to be done.  She’s feeling very sorry for herself right now and I’m not surprised, but she’ll live. 

Murphy with his new haircut on the sofa

Murphy with his new haircut on the sofa

Since Murphy discovered that he could climb the spiral staircase by himself his life has been transformed, and he has become a much happier little dog.  In fact, he now spends most of his time upstairs where he can relax without being pestered by puppies. I don’t know why, but the succession of puppies that I’ve looked after have all adored both Sandy and Murphy, the only two small dogs at my house.  Sandy takes it all in her stride and knows exactly how to deal with annoying pups, but Murphy is driven mad by the swarm of fans that cluster round him when he’s trying to get out to have a quiet pee.  Now he can get away from the craziness, and he’s loving it.

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2 Responses to “Saturday 15th August: Winners and losers”

  1. Norma M Says:

    So sorry to hear about Oscar, I hope he will be well again soon. He is one of my lunatic favourites, Mindy and Jimbo being others! So much energy but such a lot of fun and as you say a home with room to romp around would be lovely. They just love going in the field next door to the kennels, where they can run to their hearts content.

  2. Vivian Chan Says:

    nice haircut, murphy. i hope oscar will recover very soon.

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