Friday 14th August: Another drama

It’s remarkably quiet on Lamma since the puppy exchange.  What a difference a bunch of  4-legged hooligans can make, or lack of them.  Not that I have less as far as numbers go, but the younger puppies that I brought back from kennels as replacements are easier to deal with than the free-rangers.

 There’s a dramatic incident on this morning’s walk.  Our route takes us past one of the houses which is home to about fifteen HKDR dogs who enjoy an alternative to kennels. They are either long-termers, or those who found kennel life too difficult and were moved.  The doglets have made barking at these dogs as we pass part of their routine, something I have been trying to stop but so far without success.  Today’s barking match was suddenly interrupted by loud (dog) screaming, and I dropped the leashes of the older dogs and ran towards the direction of the awful sound (which wasn’t easy as there is no path through the woods at the point). I found one of the doglets, Taco, with his front leg through the wire mesh fence, while a dog (Lance) on the other side had Taco’s paw firmly in his mouth and was pulling hard.  There was nothing I could do from my side other than yell for help and wait for someone to come and make Lance  let go.  It was a long wait, or seemed that way, and I could only  watch helplessly as Taco was pressed against the fence unable to move with Lance’s teeth gripping him tightly.

 Luckily I had some spare painkillers at home to give Taco, as well as antibiotics, but there is a big wound on his front paw and he’ll probably have to se a vet.  It would be worth it if I thought it would stop the doglets from tormenting the dogs on the other side of the fence, but I’m sure tomorrow will be just the same.

There’s further bad news as Maxwell, who handles adoptions at kennels, tell me that he has been lured back to his previous job in IT and will be leaving.  I’m sure it was a fairly easy decision to make, the choice being paid (probably) at least more than double what we can offer, and not looking and smelling like s**t at the end of every day, not to mention having to deal with some of the people (like those mentioned yesterday) that the job requires.  Still, damn him, he’s a great guy and we’ll all miss him.

 Anyone who wants Maxwell’s job, please let me know.  Description is as above. Pay is lousy and you have to share the office with small dogs who like to jump on the desk and pee on the computer.  Benefits are free T-shirts and, um, the good bits like seeing dogs going to great homes.  Seriously, there’s a buzz to that, and you can’t help but get involved with the dogs and their stories, and the happy endings when they come.

 There are three puppies left at AFCD kennels.  They have been there for too long, and since I now have Lorna’s pups on Lamma, I think I might as well take the others.  They’re pretty thin and their coats aren’t great, but I’m confident that they’re healthy as I’ve been able to monitor them over the past three or so weeks.  They’re all ecstatically happy to see me when I go into their kennels, and carry their wriggling bodies out.  Back at our own kennels they have a blow-out meal while I get ready to leave, then they’re stuffed into a dog bag for the trip back to Lamma.

 On the sampan, I open the top of the bag to give them some fresh air, and the larger of the three immediately pops her head up, has a quick look round, and then hops out.  I grab her and sit her on my lap for the rest of the crossing, where she seems quite happy even though she’s drooling a mini waterfall.  As the bay comes into view, I sense there’s something about to happen, and sure enough the smell gives me a nano-second’s warning, just enough to clamp the puppy’s tail firmly between her legs while I spin round and hold her out over the side of the sampan as she lets go. I’m almost as relieved as she is.  It could have been nasty, really nasty.

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4 Responses to “Friday 14th August: Another drama”

  1. Diana Says:

    I got “addicted” to reading your blog. Very interested in knowing what’s happening to HKDR dogs. I am delighted every time when one is adopted.

  2. emiri ikeda Says:

    such pity to hear maxwell leaving the kennel but i wish him great luck with his carreer. hope to see maxwell back as volunteer (?) when he needs a break from human world? thanks for being so good to the dogs and putting up with nasty people maxwell.

  3. Kathy Says:

    Not everything can be counted by money. Though you would go home with bad smell and exhaunting body everyday but you can witness how an abandoned dog’s life to be changed because of your work. A kiss or hug from the dog is very good rewards to support you to keep on.

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