Wednesday 12th August: A day’s “holiday”

It was another afternoon at the warehouse for me, sorting and re-packing, getting things ready for the next sale days.  After the summer the rounds of fairs start, and we try to be at as many of them as we can.  The number of boxes is diminishing, but there’s still a lot to be done.  I can’t say I miss having time away from the dogs, either on Lamma or the kennels, and it’s the only time I get home without stinking of dog.

We’re also gearing up for other big events. not least Peak to Fong in November. 

P2F: Sunday 29th November

Sunday 29th November

Artwork is already done, and I love the result.  This year is going to be the biggest  yet and there’s a lot to do.

Blind Yorkie "Hovis"

Blind Yorkie "Hovis"

Following the volunteer’s visit on Tuesday, there’s an offer of a foster for Hovis, the blind Yorkshire terrier.  He could have gone today but as I missed going to the kennels it will have to be Friday now.  He’s a sweet little dog, and seems to cope very well despite his handicap.


There are some great photos too by two of the volunteers, Foster and Vivian.  All photo on today’s blog have been swiped from their Facebook pages!


While at the warehouse I get a text message telling me that Creamy, sister to Sugar, has been adopted, and the lucky pup has gone to a great home in Shek O with a huge garden to play in.  Sugar is still in her “typhoon” foster home, and maybe she’ll be staying.

 Now that all of Milky’s gang barring Milky himself (but he may be going on Saturday too) have got homes, it’s time to put Plan A into action, and that means moving some puppies from Lamma to the kennels, and exchanging for the remaining few young ones who will come back with me (next stop Whiskers’n’Paws on Sunday).


Simon is so beautiful

Simon is so beautiful

I want to move my tiny terrors, but there are so many beautiful and sweet puppies who are moving into the doglet stage.  Who to choose?  Look at Simon, he’s just a stunning boy, and so is his brother, Piers. 

Pretty Melody, sweet Smartie, and the black threesome Wilson, Marvin and Aretha. Amanda is gorgeous and so gentle. 

All these puppies should have gone to homes a long time ago, but it’s been a really bad summer for adoptions thanks to the economic situation and people being reluctant to commit.  We have to get these puppies into homes though.

There’s another big moved planned, and no, it’s not the kennels moving to a new site (no news on that), but the office and volunteer rooms will be switching.  We have already had the gates moved to allow dog-free access to what is now the office, and a new gate will replace the current one at the front which will mean NO DOGS in the two rooms!  Well, that’s the plan, but somehow it doesn’t seem to work out quite that way.  Once the office has been moved to the front room, the shop will become fully operational again, and all adoption paperwork etc can be filled in without interruption.  The dogs that currently live in the volunteer room will move along with everything else to their new space, though I can already sense there will be some resistance.  We’ll see.  It’s going to be quite an upheaval but hopefully the result will be worth the effort and the dogs will settle in their new quarters.  

Happy pups at play

Happy pups at play

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2 Responses to “Wednesday 12th August: A day’s “holiday””

  1. Foster Wong Says:

    The new Peak2Fong artwork looks very nice!

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