Tuesday 11th August: Sorting puppies

I think I must be psychic. Yesterday I decided it would be prudent to buy myself a spare mobile phone as a back-up because my other spare phone was chewed  by the puppies, and only having one is tempting fate.  I buy the cheapest phones available knowing from experience that anything fancier than bog-standard basic is a waste of money, and just as well because sure enough, I dropped my phone in a puddle this morning as I was leaving for my morning walk, and it drowned.  Now I’m back to one again.

 A group of volunteers came over to Lamma in the morning to spend time with the smaller dogs, usually grooming and walking and having fun on the beach.  One of the dogs, a pomeranian called Squirrel, had been moved to Lamma some time ago because he is a ferocious biter, and lucky for him that he’s a very small dog.  Behaviour that can be tolerated in small dogs would mean curtains for anything larger.  It’s not that Squirrel attacks randomly, as left alone he is quite peaceful and harmless, but when he was at kennels and on display for would-be adopters, his young age and cute looks meant that everyone wanted to pick him up – with inevitable results.  Like all the delinquents who end up here, Squirrel is no problem except that his thick, fluffy coat gets matted and needs grooming, and he doesn’t like it.  Only the army of volunteers can manage to cut away the clumps and give some sort of haircut.  Rather them than me.  I stick to my own, and Sandy, Murphy and Bali all got a total shave at my house.  I feel like a sheep shearer with the clippers.  It’s nothing fancy, just an all-over, down-to-the-skin job, but it works. 

Nugget is adopted

Nugget is adopted


Two puppies are adopted today.  One is Nugget, the second of the Lorry Pups (they were found under a lorry) to go, and also George, a larger puppy who was picked up only last week by one of our volunteers after he had been dumped near her home.  That’s one very lucky pup.


George, rescued and adopted within a week.

George, rescued and adopted within a week.

Lorna’s puppies are now growing too big to stay with their mother.  They were just tiny babies when I brought all nine of them, plus three spares, to our kennels from AFCD, but it’s time that they were separated from Lorna to give her a chance to get her figure back, be desexed, and find a home. She’s a lovely little dog, a small-sized mongrel with a very sweet nature.  We’re seeing more and more small mongrels now, a result, I’m sure, of the number of small breeds being abandoned and mating with the local village dogs.  At least three of the Lorry Pups are going to be medium sized at most, and most of Lorna’s pups will also grow into small or medium-sized adults.


Lorna feeds her puppies

Lorna feeds her puppies

The problem now is where to put Lorna, or her remaining seven puppies.  I have a cunning plan to exchange my ex-bedroom pests for Lorna’s lot, but I seem to be the only one who thinks this is a really good idea.  I can’t think why.  Whatever happens, something has to be done about giving Lorna her own life back, and saving me from being eaten alive by a gang of lovely but over-enthusiastic ankle biters.

Leila, one of the ex-bedroom pups.  Time to leave home now

Leila, one of the ex-bedroom pups. Time to leave home now

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One Response to “Tuesday 11th August: Sorting puppies”

  1. Vivian Chan Says:

    ahh, murphy was getting a shave in your house. no wonder no one was out there chasing us away. i just thought he hasn’t learned how to get downstairs.

    after a half day of swimming and some hiking, derek was still running around! teddy is also a swimmer.

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