Monday 10th August: Jerry is a Superstar!

I was reminded of the story behind the four dogs that recently came to us from AFCD in Sheung Shui because I’d been wondering why the Cutie Sisters had been given up. They’ve stolen the hearts of everyone who has met them, and are now in a foster home following desexing and dental treatment. The other two dogs making up the foursome were Cara, the small sized golden retriever, and Roger, the black “labalike”.

Cara, just after desexing and refusing to move

Cara just after desex and refusing to move

I’d received a call a couple of weeks ago from someone telling me that her friend had suddenly died and that the friend’s four dogs were now alone in the apartment. I said we would take them, but in the meantime the police had handed them over to AFCD. The dogs weren’t microchipped so had been allocated their ages by AFCD staff, although the friend who had called me had given me different ages. Now it seems that The Cutie Sisters aren’t sisters at all, and are more likely to be mother and daughter. It’s good to have some sort of background and to tie up loose ends, as in almost all cases we have no idea where the dogs came from or why they were abandoned.

Pug Exel (XL) - what a whopper!

Pug Exel (XL) - what a whopper!

Arriving at the kennels, I met the two dogs that had been surrendered on Saturday, one a small-sized shih tzu girl and the other a massively overweight pug.  I heaved her over to the vet for the usual checkup, and she weighed in at a staggering 15kg.  For a small dog that’s obese plus plus. She’s only five years old and has a lovely face (for a pug) and a sweet nature, so it’s Fat Camp for this young lady until she’s lost half her current bodyweight.  Actually, without being fed non-stop treats and being taken out for regular (but very short at the moment) walks, I think the weight will fall off her.


The adopters seem to be slowly trickling back from their summer holidays (halleluliah!) and Zero was today’s lucky dog.  His adopters had previously been coming to Whiskers’n’Paws to meet the Sunday puppies but had been waiting until after their holidays to adopt.  One down, a couple of hundred to go……….


Jerry the Superstar pup

Jerry the Superstar pup

There is one group of puppies who moved to kennels from Lamma about a month (or more) ago, and these are super-special kids.  Milky, who has been mentioned many times, is the gang leader and a sweet and funny boy with a pink nose and a permanent smile.  Sugar and Creamy, almost identical sisters, have stayed small and are looking more like Shiba Inus all the time.  They can usually be found cooling off in a tub of water, their party trick which is guaranteed to make you laugh.  Jerry is the big-but-soppy one, and he was taken into a foster home when we sent out an emergency call during the last typhoon, and he’s still there.  Not only is he 100% toilet trained (all the Lamma puppies are), but he is so well-behaved that he has never chewed anything (can’t take credit for that given the state of my furniture) and even puts his toys back where they belong when he has finished playing with them!  (That’s definitely something I should teach my Lamma puppies, as their toys are scattered all over the garden and lie forgotten until I go and collect them).  What a superstar puppy.  Who could ask for anything more than this wonderful little guy can offer, and he’s “just” a mutt, an orphan that has been passed by because he doesn’t have a label with a designer name.  I can guarantee that you will never find nicer, sweeter, smarter, healthier or better pups than Milky and his gang.

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4 Responses to “Monday 10th August: Jerry is a Superstar!”

  1. Kitty Says:

    I’ve walked Cara, the small sized GR, last Sunday morning together with Casey & Dusty. She refused to walk with me alone initially. Understand she just had a de-sex operation. I walked her at a slower pace & didn’t pull her when she needed breaks in between the walk. She’s a sweet girl.

  2. May Says:

    you are absolutely right, Jerry is a super-cute pup, love him to bits, was worry when I didn’t see him on sat, glad to hear that he’s found a home.

  3. Norma M Says:

    Cara loves her walks now. She was just terrified when she first arrived but has settled in now and enjoys all the fuss made of her.

  4. Norma M Says:

    Yes, we miss Jerry, such a lovely boy. Milky and the gang are also sweet and not forgetting Likki, who is just so inteligent. 100% toilet trained and also a lovely girl. A little bit too mischievious for her own good at times as she wants to play with all the other dogs and biting their legs does not go down well with all of them. She knows how to sit and is really a very clever pup!

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