Saturday 8th August: At last it’s Cliff’s big day

Cliff with his dolphin smile

Cliff with his dolphin smile

The big news of the day, although I wasn’t there to witness it, is that our lovely big-hearted, little-eared, Cliff has finally, finally gone to a new home!  I don’t have any details and am anxious to know more about where he has gone,  but this is a big moment for everyone at kennels.  (see comment for update)

Even Mason had to wait for a home

Even Mason had to wait for a home

Mason, the (almost) labrador is also adopted, and about time too.  When a young and lovely boy like him has to wait for a home, you know business is slow.

 Teddy, the labradoodle, went to the kennels for an adoption interview today.  This was his first outing since he arrived, and I didn’t know what to expect.  He has been no trouble at all since coming to Lamma after his owners surrendered him for unpredictable biting, something he’s never done while with me.  In fact, he’s been a very sweet and easy dog, and although I was told he was impossible to groom and would bite, he let me trim his ears and face without any hint of trouble.  Nothing about him or his behaviour showed even a hint of his ex-owner’s description, and he was sweet and affectionate with his potential adopters, rolling on his back to have his tummy tickled, and leaning against their legs in a relaxed and reassuring way.  It turned out they couldn’t take him immediately as they are going on holiday for a few weeks, but at least I know now that Teddy is ready to go to a new home.


Murphy can climb stairs now!

Murphy can climb stairs now!

My Wanchai Terrier (Terror), Murphy, has made a huge breakthrough.  He’s a fearless warrior, a tough little cookie who, despite having been taught several lessons, puts himself on a par with the big Lamma dogs and torments his victims with glee.  If any intruder ever dared come into my house (which is highly unlikely, of course), it would be Murphy they would have to contend with.  When he came to the kennels from AFCD, he was the little office dog who slammed the door shut behind anyone leaving the room, with an evil grin on his face that meant “And don’t come back!”  He had decided that he was mine and I was his, and that was that.  He was adopted for a short time but terrified everyone in the home so was quickly returned (and I don’t think the couple who took him ever got over the experience).  I brought him home after it was clear he would never be going anywhere else, and he settled right in.

However, as much as he kept up with the big dogs in every other way, Murphy was never able to work out how to climb the spiral staircase that connects the ground and first floors.  While little terrier, Sandy, has never had any problem, and even short-legged Wanda quickly learned how to go up and down, it was only today that Murphy finally plucked up the courage to give it a try.  In the past I have had to carry Murphy downstairs in the morning, and up again at night, although I know he would like to be able to escape from the puppies, who adore but torment him.  So today, as I went upstairs, I saw Murphy behind me with his paws on the first step. I encouraged him to carry on, so step…. by step….by step, he slowly and carefully made his way up, until  Eureka!  He made it!  Now he just has to learn how to get down again.

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3 Responses to “Saturday 8th August: At last it’s Cliff’s big day”

  1. Cliff Says:

    Hi everyone,

    I was adpoted by a couple called Sandra & Simmon dated 8 August 2009. Although it’s a big day for me, I was a bit worry to be with a new family.

    After a 45 mins drive from kennel, I finally arrived to my new home. As I was too nervious, I resisted to enter the building which made Sandra & Simmon so embarrassed. They took me walking around for 30 mins in order to help me relaxed, and finally I arrived home successfully. I inspected every conrner of my new home and showered before going to bed. I am now smelled nicely.

    This morning, they took me out for a walk and then went home to nap (3 of us). In noon, we played tennis ball and then out for a walked again in the evening. I was exhaused, so I didn’t eat much (except snack) before sleeping. I am doing very well. They kiss, cuddle and talk me all the time.

    My family will attend the training class in the coming Sat (one of them will walk me on a leash). See you on 15 Aug 09.

    I miss all my roomates and you you you (volunteers).


  2. ivy Says:

    hi Cliff

    We are happy to hear that you finally found a sweet permanent home!!

    We all miss you and looking forward to see u again this Sat.

  3. Mike Says:

    Yay Cliff! This is amazing news, I’m so glad he’s finally got a forever home. I’m just sad it wasn’t me that got to adopt him. Hope we get to see some pictures of his new life!

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