Friday 7th August: They keep on coming

In keeping with what has become a pattern, we get another pair of small dogs in the office.  This time it’s Yorkshire terriers, though very different from each other.  One is a surrendered 12-year old female who has never been out of her home before, not even to be vaccinated let alone walked.  She’s understandably terrified, so I call her Terra (sorry, another bad joke).  The other is a young male who was picked up as a stray on the street.  He was still wearing a harness  when I saw him at AFCD a few days ago so I assumed he was lost rather than abandoned, but as nobody came to claim him I took him instead.  He wasn’t microchipped so I had to guess his age, which I put as 3 years but he may be even younger.  In contrast to poor Terra, Jonas (as I have named him) is a happy, outgoing and very friendly fellow.  I suspect he won’t have any trouble finding a home.

With the arrival of the two yorkies, I send out a panic email to our foster and adoption team.  Help!  Small dog crisis!  Sweet peke, Jolly, is scheduled to go to a foster home later in the afternoon, but we still have too many.  Angela, who handles the Chinese adoption enquiries,  immediately offers to take the Two Cuties, the peke/shih tzu sisters, until they can find somewhere else to go.  At least that’s three less, but we still have to find a home for the others, especially Cosmo and Luca who are young and very active, and need far more than an office to play in.  They’re walked, but if only people could see how they are together, and how lovely and funny they can be, I’m sure they’d be adopted. We need to get a video of them in action.

Sweet Patsy has another chance of a forever home

Sweet Patsy has another chance of a forever home

I’m really happy today when a nice couple come looking for a cocker spaniel and choose Patsy, who was returned only the other day from her first (and very strange) adopter.  She’s a very sweet dog, and so is her remaining son, Zero, who looks just like a mini labrador. His two brothers have already found homes, and I can’t believe Zero will have to wait too much longer as he’s got everything going for him: good looks, good size and a wonderful nature.

Zero, the last of Patsy's sons

Zero, the last of Patsy's sons

Sandy tolerates sharing a bed with 3 wrestling puppies

Sandy tolerates sharing a bed with 3 wrestling puppies

On Lamma, the ex-bedroom pups are growing at an alarming rate.  I hardly recognise them as the sweet babies I got from AFCD as they hurtle round the garden, or mix with the bigger dogs with a confidence that belies their young age. They’re brash and fearless, and they’re pests!  Wherever I am, they must be there too, winding in and around my legs and tripping me up.

Pup Cider, smallest of the Lorry Pups

Pup Cider, smallest of the Lorry Pups

 The Lorry pups are following fast on their heels, and now fully vaccinated they too have made the move downstairs, although they still sleep in the bedroom enclosure.  Luckily they’re much smaller than the other litter, and at least half of them will stay small or medium sized when grown.   Soon the youngest intake, the three remaining white sharpei crosses, will be joining the others unless they get adopted (please God!)

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One Response to “Friday 7th August: They keep on coming”

  1. Abby and Lou Says:

    Luca and Cosmo are SO cute together. You can literally watch them play for hours as they wrestle with each other, launching onto each other from different vantage points, and tugging at their toys.

    Luca is a whole new dog and just loves to be petted on the head. And Cosmo loves to be part of what you are doing! These two are like twins on bouncy shoes. I hope they get a home soon, somewhere they can get the space to continue with their very creative playing and where they will be loved.

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