Tuesday 4th August: Parvo and typhoon strike again

One of the white sharpei “Dinner Service” pups died early this morning.  It was inevitable that at least one of the litter would be infected with parvovirus after having shared their space with Ginger, the pom cross puppy who died last week.  I had noticed that one of the girls wasn’t eating and was very quiet, but I decided not to take her to hospital knowing that there’s no cure with a viral infection, and because the puppy was still drinking water and walking around.  She wasn’t in pain like some terrible cases of parvo I’ve seen, and she  slipped quietly away without a sound.  The other three pups  remain fine and active,  and didn’t even seem to care or notice that their sister was lying dead beside them before I had a chance to take her body away.

I wasn’t in the best of moods, therefore, when I opened my emails and found a short message from someone asking if we wanted to “adopt” her 14-year old dog because she was leaving for the US.  She also asked if we would kill the dog or keep it until it found a new home.  In my reply, I pointed out that she hadn’t given me any details about the dog, and also asked why she wasn’t taking it with her after she’d had it for such a long time.  Her reply was that the dog would have to stay for a week in quarantine at  the airport and she couldn’t put it through that “torture”.  I explained that a week in quarantine would be a piece of cake compared with coming to our kennels, but  I still didn’t understand why a dog going to the US would need to be quarantined at all.  Anyway, I was soundly chastised for being “cruel and heartless” amongst other things, and at least the wonderful irony of the accusations made me laugh.

 Not all of the emails are bad ones, and I was particularly touched by this lovely update on Eden, a sweet mongrel girl who had been with us since she was a puppy and had waited far too long for a home.  She was recently adopted by a couple who already have a small dog:

Eden outside kennels

Eden outside kennels

 “It looks like Eden can listen to my heart…. so impressive…..

Sometime, I feel very amazing, after I sending you the email telling you Eden only go toilet at the football ground, then, on that night, she go to vv [wee wee] on the street, and after on, hahaha, incredible, isnt it ? But she is so tidy, she doesn’t like to vv in the middle of the street, she will next to the corner, near the drainage or on the glass.   

I told you how Eden and ManMan loves each other, last night, we went to football ground for Eden to poo poo (still only at there), as it may be waiting for too long, I asked my husband to bring ManMan back home first.  At that moment, ManMan keep stay and not willing to go home, my husband force her to leave, ok when ManMan was leaving, Eden just look at the exit door [gate] and me, on and off, then I listen her voice became very poor, you know like singing.  I don’t think she can poo poo, then I just open the door, then she keep running to back home.

You cant image how close are they !!!!!!  For me, I’m really thank you HKDR giving Eden to join my family”

 By mid-morning the typhoon signal 3 had been hoisted, so I know I won’t be going to the kennels today, or anywhere else for that matter.  It gives me a chance, as always, to catch up on the backlog of emails and paperwork, including my dreaded monthly accounts.  At least it feels good to get them out of the way.

 The pom mentioned in yesterday’s post is going to go to Boot Camp.  He’ll be joining a pack of Jack Russells whose keeper, Eddie, takes in and rehabilitates these dogs before they’re re-homed.  It will be a shock to Moses (as the pom is called), in fact he’ll be a basket case at first (sorry, couldn’t resist the dreadful pun, it just came to me as I typed the name).

Towards evening, as the wind and rain worsen, the call goes out once more for “Typhoon Fosters”, and although I’m not at kennels I know that Kathy and Mark are busy handing over the dogs, mostly the small ones and puppies, to their temporary homes. It’s a relief knowing that they will be warm and dry, and that the dogs left behind will all have proper kennel spaces for the duration of the storm.  Many thanks to everyone who came over to Pokfulam to pick up their overnight guest(s).

 If you can help in these situations, please let Maria (foster coordinator) know.  It’s really just an overnight stay, two nights at most, but it’s a great relief to know that the dogs aren’t at kennels if the weather gets really nasty.  Email Maria at foster@hongkongdogrescue.com to register..

To help us save more dogs’ lives, click here to make a donation.


2 Responses to “Tuesday 4th August: Parvo and typhoon strike again”

  1. Maria Says:

    I was deeply touched by the extent of response I received as soon as Rachael pressed the ‘send’ button for the email asking for typhoon fosters. My phone didn’t stop ringing until well after 8pm. I received a lot of messages on my phone while I was busy answering questions from callers and arranging logistics with Kathy at the kennel. I didn’t get the chance to call everyone back and by the time I did, I confirmed with Kathy that the dogs were sorted out at the kennel. I sent a text message on Wednesday morning to those who left me their mobile nos. telling them the situation last night. So please don’t think I didn’t care or didn’t receive your message. If you’d like to be on our list of typhoon fosters, please please email me at foster@hongkongdogrescue.com

  2. PE Says:

    Hi “cruel and heartless”, 😉

    Re “Her reply was that the dog would have to stay for a week in quarantine at  the airport”.

    The reason given sounds like a load of “crap”… if the lady had did her homework and get all documents dated & endorsed properly by the relevant parties, she should NOT have any problem at all in getting her dog into USA.

    Are we talking about the same US of A because we send our rescue dogs to California via LA airport and not a single one had to stay in quarantine… not even for a second!

    Another “cruel and heartless” person

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