Sunday 2nd August: A sultry Sunday

Melody and Smartie on the sampan

Melody and Smartie on the sampan

The weather today is almost unbearable, with a thick blanket of smog and an eerie, pre-typhoon type stillness adding to already high temperature.  I’m sweating and the dogs are panting, but it’s business as usual as we pack up for our routine Sunday afternoon at Whiskers’n’Paws.

Surprisingly for such a hot day, the outside terrace is packed with people and dogs, many of them ex-HKDR.  There’s Shirley (as was), who’s much smaller than I thought she would be, and a Westie called Whisky who’ll soon be moving to the USA with his adopters.  (Ex) Onion is a regular visitor, but today her brother is also there.  He was Potato, and he has grown into a very handsome and large young dog.   

Pepper ex-Potato, a big boy now (Mandy Chu's photo)

Pepper ex-Potato, a big boy now (Mandy Chu's photo)

Another surprise visitor was Frankie, a beautiful labrador cross with terrible muzzle scars across his nose.  He was adopted by a family who suddenly had to move back to the UK, so Frankie needed to find a new home.  Here he is with his new dad. 

Frankie and his new dad

Frankie and his new dad

As much as I love to see all the puppies-now-dogs what I really want is for the current crop to find homes, and at last little Serendipity is adopted.  She is one of the Lorry Pups,  the singleton that was brought to kennels while the others were taken to AFCD, and which I tried, and failed, to take to join the rest of the litter.  As she has grown, it’s clear that she has short legs, so while some of her siblings are growing tall Serendipity is still quite little.  I have nicknamed her Stumpy, but I’m sure she’ll have a new name by the end of the day.

I’ve brought Karina again as there’s a family that’s interested in her.  The daughter is afraid of dogs but I told her that Karina is a sweet and gentle girl (which she is) and the family have been spending time with her.  Also at Whiskers’n’Paws today is the family who adopted Karina as a baby pup, and who returned her for being “aggressive”.  I was so angry with them, as I had spent time explaining that all puppies bite and have needle sharp teeth, and asking if they understood and were prepared to deal with that.  It was all smiles and promises at the time, but within a short time Karina came back.  Now the family are there with their Pekingese puppy, no doubt a pet shop purchase, and they recognize Karina because of her unmistakable colouring and small ears. They’re all over Karina like a rash but I want to kick their butts.  Now they can see that I was telling them the truth, but I’ve got no time for people like this.

Mad scramble for bargains

Mad scramble for bargains

Today is the third and last day of the Pet Expo, and it’s time for the bargains and bargain hunters.  All of our stock is reduced to ridiculously low prices and the news quickly gets round the hall.  Before long our stand is swamped as buyers dig through the many boxes of dog coats and sweaters looking for what they want.  Although  I’m not there to witness the frenzy first hand, I get reports and photos from the volunteers manning the booth and they did a great job. Big thanks are due to Gloria for organising everything again this year.  Thanks Gloria!

Now it’s time to start planning the next event, and then the next, culminating in the Big One,  Peak to Fong on 29th November.  I hope this date is already marked in your (HKDR) diaries?

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2 Responses to “Sunday 2nd August: A sultry Sunday”

  1. Vivian Chan Says:

    It was very busy at our booth yesterday. I kept on hearing people calling their friends and family on the cell phones telling others how cheap our bags and clothes were. Some people asked about our the kennels while we were giving out the leaflets. I was told that we have started off with 30 boxes on the first day of the expo. We packed 10 boxes left of goods back to the storage last night. A lot of stuff got sold!

    Karina is the sweetest baby. Good luck with their peke!

  2. Gloria Says:

    I would also like to take this opprtunity to say a big thank to all the volunteers who had been working so hard at Petexpo. Also a big thank to Vivan, Patrick and Andrew because they spent three days there manning the booth. Can’t make it happen without you guys!

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