Saturday 1st August: Summer school

I was at Whiskers’n’Paws today,  this time not for puppy adoptions but as part of a school project put together by volunteer Kat Kuok, Mark the trainer and a couple of teachers.  Kat hadn’t been expecting the response that she got and we ended up with twenty young students, plus their parents, so ten puppies were needed as part of the educational exercise.  Six of the puppies from kennels were recruited (Milky and his gang, plus Piper and Likki), while I brought four over from Lamma to make up the numbers: Karina, Smartie, Melody and Jools (who is Milky’s brother).   As Mops is currently living at Whiskers’n’Paws as a foster guest, she made an extra.  All these youngsters are brilliant puppies and behaved perfectly, probably rather better than some of the human children. 

 All in all, it was a great success with no tears, tantrums or accidents, and I noticed quite a few of the parents joining in the mini training session where the kids were learning the “Sit” technique.  For Milky and the others in his gang this is a piece of cake as they have already been doing this and more in the regular classes at kennels, and just the sight of the reward treats had them sitting.  For the Lamma pups it was a new experience, but I was very proud of them all as they picked up the “Sit” concept after only a few minutes. Like I always say, puppies (and dogs, of course) area lot smarter than most people give them credit for.

Mark did a fantastic job, and after two hours on the hot terrace with twenty kids and eleven puppies, he had to go straight to kennels to start the regular Saturday training class.  That’s dedication for you.

Domino upstiars

Domino upstairs

I have a new upstairs dog.  Domino has been slowly working her way from the ground floor over the past couple of months and has finally made it to the top.  She’s just over a year old now, one of the many leftover puppies that was never adopted and has become a fixture.  At this age, dogs are turning into adults and their true natures become apparent.  They’re moving out of the “teenage” period which can be a difficult time for both dog and owner as the dog figures out its role and place in the home, and I have been noticing Domino change from a quiet dog in the background to one who is making her presence known.  She’s become openly very affectionate, knows her name and comes when called, and now she has clearly decided that she’d like to move away from the others to join the favoured few who live and sleep upstairs.  At first she was nervous about coming up as she wasn’t sure if she’d get into trouble from me, or the senior dogs like Inky, but nobody seems particularly bothered by her and today is the first time I’ve seen her relaxed and sleeping.   

Minky & Sparkle play, oblivious to Domino sleeping behind them

Minky & Sparkle play, oblivious to Domino sleeping behind them


I’ve never been the one who has decided on who comes upstairs and who stays on the ground floor, as I know it’s pointless.  When I first moved into this house a few years ago, I had intended that only “my” dogs would be allowed upstairs, while all so-called HKDR dogs would not be allowed.  Well that lasted until Johnnie arrived, and as much as I tried to stop him, he was determined that he would not only make himself at home upstairs but would also take over as top dog.  I had Inky earmarked for that job when Midge, the head dog at the time, went, but it wasn’t to be.  Much to my dismay Inky became totally submissive to Johnnie, and he ruled until his untimely death a couple of months ago.  Now Sooty is “Mr Big” but I can see Ottilie has her eye on the top spot, and everything about her reminds me so much of how Johnnie was.  She’s lovely but cheeky, and the puppies and doglets worship her, a relationship that she has created and nurtured by regular grooming and play sessions with the younger dogs.  I know she’s getting them on side for the time when she feels the time is right for her to move up the power ladder.

As for me, I’m just an observer in this game of life.

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One Response to “Saturday 1st August: Summer school”

  1. Marie Says:

    I love reading your blog Sally-thank you! I dreamnt about HKDR last night, Cashew and Alison and a few others were in it. The education project sounds great, Kat told me a little bit about it. Glad the pups were well behaved! xx

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