Wednesday 29th July: Ginger’s fighting for life

I don’t want to go upstairs in the morning because I’m afraid that Ginger may have died overnight.  He hasn’t eaten for 2 days, and I can see that he really doesn’t want anything when I try to syringe liquidised rice down his throat.  He’s nothing like the bright and active puppy that he was a few days ago, and I know how quickly puppies can crash.  He’s alive, but urgently needs to get to hospital so I send him over as early as I can.  The news comes back that his parvovirus test showed a strong positive result. A further blood test is more bad news, as he has a very low white blood cell count meaning that his bone marrow can’t produce enough.  Ginger was so brave and so convincing at his first vet visit that parvo was ruled out as an option.  The vet said no puppy with parvovirus would be so active and bright, but as I’ve been told many time, puppies lie.  They will put on such an amazing act of being happy and healthy, and the next minute they’re dead.

The 4 white sharpei pups now at risk

The 4 white sharpei pups now at risk

 Now I can only wait for news, and hope that Ginger’s strength of character and fighting spirit gets him through, although it’s not looking good for him right now.  I’m also worried about the other pups at home that are still not fully vaccinated, mainly the white sharpei pups that make up the ‘Dinner Service’.  They have been with Ginger, so I need to monitor them daily although there’s nothing that can be done to prevent the disease from taking hold if they are already infected.


I have visitors coming to the kennels in the afternoon so we need to make sure that the dogs are under control, at least as much as possible.  This is a site visit for a great PR opportunity for HKDR, and if considered suitable it will be a real coup for us.  I have to admit that the kennels isn’t really a great venue, and a few of the dogs insist on having an argument just at the wrong time making conversation difficult.  I do my best to convince the site inspectors that it will work out fine on the day, but I’m not even convincing myself.  This is a working kennel, not a showroom for precious puppies.

 There has been a great response to requests for help for the dogs that came from the breeder on Saturday, and today one of the poms, the older female,  gets a foster home, as does Rasta, the lovely fox terrier.  The bald boy pom is due to be taken soon, and I think that’s all of them.  They still need permanent homes, but at least they’re out of kennels.

Rasta’s departure from the office means that we’re back down to four dogs: Luca and Cosmo, who are now thought of as brothers they’re so close, Dorothy (who will also be going to foster in the next day or so), and Yorky, a Pekingese who was surrendered for the second time by the same person at the weekend (his ex-owner was told NEVER to come back).  Now Luca and Cosmo will be our big project, as we all want them to go to a home together.

 Now I would like to share with you something of the sort of stuff we have to put up with on a regular basis.  Before reading what’s below, I should warn the younger and more sensitive readers that you may be shocked and offended, but I want to leave the words uncensored and exactly as they came to me. 

Fugu the bald pug on the day he arrived.  His hair is growing back now.

Fugu the bald pug on the day he arrived. His hair is growing back now.

This Antipodean gentleman had said he would adopt the bald pug that recently came to us.  I wasn’t handling the case, it was another person I will refer to as K. She had told the would-be adopter that the costs for the pug would be $1200 to cover all the standard charges for license, vaccinations, desexing, worming etc.  This was his response:

“I think I will have to wait for my wife to arrive. I thought it was $600 dollars to adopt. I don’t think we will go any further at the moment. I am not happy to pay vet bills for a dog that has been neglected by some one else. We were happy to assist a poorly looked after dog but not to have to pay for the drammer as well. So lets just let him be adopted by some one else. When my wife arrives and settles in to Hong Kong I will get her to call you, but I am not interested now. I just took on A DOG that was given up by some one only after a couple weeks from the SPCA. He is a 3 year old pug. Thanks for your time.”

I replied to this by explaining again that there is no difference in adoption cost whether the dog is 100% healthy or whether it required a lot of medical treatment, as it would obviously not be right to differentiate and it would mean that only the “cheaper” dogs would be adopted.   (I should also mention at this point that this gentleman lives in DB in a detached house with a garden, so we can assume the extra $600 shouldn’t be a problem). I also commented on the fact that the person he got his new pug from had adopted it from SPCA only two weeks ago, and wondered how SPCA would feel about that. 

This was his reply:

 “You types really need to get a life, I have re read my email several times and don’t see where your shit is coming from. In my email I said go after the neglecters not the people willing to adopt and help. So fucking what I have taken on a dog. Be professional should you not be happy I have taken on the dog from someone, what is your problem. I was going to help out if I could convince my wife and sons who arrived next week.  I received nothing but pushiness to take on the dog and when told I would I was told have a cheque ready. Next time explain to people what procedures fee’s etc need to be done before trying to palm off a sick dog. I know very well what costs of these things cost. This is not a pet shop. I understand what your organizations try to do. As I said in my email I was going to get my wife to call. But I will not waste her time on a pathetic group. Good on you. Don’t bother me again. Now go and get a life.”

 You’ve got to laugh. 

Now here is a photo of my Lamma dogs getting ready for bed……….

Dogs ready for bed

Dogs ready for bed

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12 Responses to “Wednesday 29th July: Ginger’s fighting for life”

  1. Norma L Says:

    Living in DBay, and that person is so stingy, plus rude? wow…. come on, if a person is really willing to help, I am sure money isn’t really going to be the problem…..

    I feel sorry for the pug for having such an owner…. My feeling is that when this dog gets sick one day thanks to some hidden illness, that man will probably abandon it, saying that he’s not going pay for the vet bills…

  2. Vivian Chan Says:

    may be this gentlement only has $600 and the wife holds the rest of the money and the decision making power. we don’t need these people getting their hands on our precious hkdr dogs. wonder if these people will take the dogs to the vet when the dogs get sick if a couple more hundred dollars can cause argument. forget them.

    glad that TJ is back. now, hope ginger can pull through…

  3. Caroline B Says:

    Just goes to show that money (being rich) doesn’t buy you happiness. What a sad, bitter man. The love of a darling dog is something that money can’t buy. I wouldn’t swap that for all the detached houses with gardens in DB and beyond.

  4. max Says:

    I am very worry about Ginger. Hope he can get better very very soon. Please try your best. I will help with the vet fee. please save him. Max

    • Sally Says:

      Max, Ginger isn’t doing well. He is being given plasma to try and boost his antibodies as he’s not producing any himself. I will do everything I can to save him. I’m going to visit him later.

  5. ken Says:

    Sally, do bother to take a second look at this mean guy. He knows nothing about life at all. His problem is not a question of money: more serious and deeper problems within. I hope the sharpei pups would be ok.

  6. Gus Says:

    I guess he wouldn’t be bickering about the cost of a round of drinks for him and his mates at McSorleys if he had any mates to buy a round of drinks for…

  7. PE Says:

    Your one-word description of this person who tries to personifies himself as a “good samaritan” says it all… he is definitely a “Antipodean” gentlemen (I initially thought he is from the antipodes islands).

    On another note, we are all thinking positive thoughts for Ginger… hang on there, little buddy!!!

  8. eu Says:

    this is so typical… those who told other to “get a life” in a mean tone is often people who don’t have a life themselves. that phrase is exactly the much needed advice he wants to tell himself, over and over again. pity him coz he doesn’t have good manners and common sense to match his relatively well-off life.

    God bless Ginger! Pray for you and give you all the positive energy for you to heal soon.

  9. Mary Kwoh Says:

    I guess we all have to thank this guy as we now learned there is such a horrble people live in this world. Living in a nice house doesn’t mean you are better person and doesn’t give you a privilege to say such a horrible thing.

  10. max Says:

    Great to know that ginger is getting plasma. He will get through. Please do update on ginger’s condition when possible (I understand you are very busy). I’ve sent my donation to help ginger. Thanks again.

  11. emiri ikeda Says:

    fugu the pug is becoming a v happy, charming and healthy dog at my place. reading who cud have taken him stopped my heart. thank you for screening the adoptors. i’m sorry u had to listen to such foul language of this man. his language is abusive. i’m v worried that his spca pug isn’t being spoken this way. thank you again from keeping fugu away from this man.

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