Sunday 26th July: Planning ahead

Sundays are pretty routine for me with the morning walk followed by the Whiskers’n’Paws puppy afternoon, but today I have a sick puppy to attend to, and another older one who is limping badly.  The smallest of the Lorry Pups has been coughing over the last few days and I’ve been treating it as the usual kennel cough, my only worry  being that all the others will be infected and I won’t be able to take them to the homing afternoons.  I’ve tried separating the puppy from the others, but his barking and stress at being away from his litter is only making things worse.  This morning, however, little Cider is noticeably flat and won’t eat, the first sign that something is seriously wrong.

Downstairs, one of the ex-bedroom puppies has been limping on his foreleg for a couple of days, and I initially assumed it was just a sprain and it would resolve itself.  Now I’m worried that it’s more serious, so both Saul and Cider are packed up with the others who are going to Horizon Plaza, and from there they continue on to the vet.

 At Whiskers’n’Paws there is already a big crowd waiting for the pups to arrive.  The smaller ones (the Lorry Pups) are inside in the puppy enclosure, while the older ones run and play on the terrace. As always, within seconds the puppies have been picked up, the start of three hours of serious hugging and cuddling.  I have Ginger, the pom cross puppy, attached to me like glue.  He is really a very cute little boy, and he loves to lounge casually in my arms, one back leg dangling while a front paw holds my arm.  This is his favourite position, and he’s more like a baby monkey than a baby dog.  Little does he know that he will soon be the new Whiskers’n’Paws foster dog, as shih tzu Nickel has been adopted and now there is a vacancy at the store. Ginger will move there on Tuesday.

I finally get a call from the vet  (Sundays are always busy) telling me that Cider has kennel cough and it’s not serious.  He apparently ate half a can of food on the consult table, so he was only kidding me that he wasn’t hungry.  I just need to continue the treatment as I have already been doing.  Saul is given some anti-inflammatories, and may need to go for an X-ray, but there’s no time today.  Both pups arrive back at Whiskers’n’Paws just in time to join the others going back to Lamma.  There have been no adoptions today.

Beautiful Boston, adopted at last

Beautiful Boston, adopted at last

 There is at least good news from the kennels where large sheltie (or small collie) , Boston, and Great Dane cross, Fabio, have been chosen.  Both are lovely dogs and the adopters should be very happy with them, as happy as we are to see them leave the kennels. 

Great Dane cross, Fabio.  How big will be grow?

Great Dane cross, Fabio. How big will she grow?

 So ends another week.  Looking at my diary I already have a full week ahead, with several events in the planning stage and the Pet Expo opening on Friday.  I’m lucky to have a team of able volunteers to take care of the three Expo days, as well as a Saturday “Kid’s Day” at Whiskers’n’Paws (organized by Kat Kuok).  All I have to do is provide ten friendly puppies, which I can easily do of course.

Just checking our volunteer photographer, Mandy Chu’s, photoblog and I found these lovely photos I wanted to share.  Mandy updates her blog every week and it’s a great visual diary of dogs coming and going, and of daily kennel life.

Kathy, our hardworking office stalwart, with Scarlet

Kathy, our hardworking office stalwart, with Scarlet

Volunteer Nana showing that you don't have to get rid of the dogs when a baby arrives (Shady and Prancer are HKDR dogs of course)

Volunteer Nana showing that you don't have to get rid of the dogs when a baby arrives (Shady and Prancer are HKDR dogs of course)



 The days seem to melt in each other, and it will soon be August.  I have to say that I’m looking forward to the end of the summer holidays, as this is always a slow time for adoptions and I need to get puppies into homes.  It’s going to be a very busy last quarter as we have a lot happening (so keep reading this blog!), but for me this year will be a short one as Minky and Sparkle have eaten the whole of December from my diary.  I will have to take a holiday.

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  1. Vivian Chan Says:

    lol. Minky and Sparkle are done eating magazines?! Too bad, my calendar is on my Outlook…I would let them eat mine.

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