Wednesday 22nd July: Icecream’s sad story



Before leaving Lamma to go to the warehouse in Shaukeiwan for a day of sorting, I get a call from SPCA Kowloon to tell me that someone found a pug on the street and the microchip shows that it was one of ours.  Even though ownership has been changed on the license, we are always informed if a dog that has come from HKDR ever ends up abandoned.  The pug’s name is Icecream, and I clearly remember him.  I call Kathy at the kennels and ask her to look up the adopter’s details on our database and find out why the pug was picked up as a stray.  My blood is already boiling at the thought that despite having signed an agreement that they would keep the dog for the rest of its life, these adopters obviously did nothing of the sort.  Even worse, Kathy tells me that not only did the adopter quickly pass Icecream on to someone else, but that person also passed him to another adopter (via a website ad), and then he was again handed on, again via an ad on a website pet forum.  That adopter obviously dumped him on the street after just a short time.  I’m devastated by the awful trail of useless, selfish people who take in and discard a dog as though it was nothing more then an object.  Icecream was lucky to have ended up at SPCA where they could at least trace him back to us, but what about all the others we don’t know about?

 It’s amazing the number of people who are outraged because we won’t let them adopt a dog because they are at work all day, or they say they will walk the dog once or twice a week.  We see cases of abandonment such as Icecream’s every day, and know full well that anyone who works all day (and presumably goes out in the evening from time to time), and who doesn’t have a maid or helper at home, simply doesn’t have time to take care of a dog.  The answer is no, and always will be no, to anyone who thinks or says otherwise.

 Icecream is picked up from Kowloon SPCA and is now back with us, but I am still furious about the whole sad and sorry tale.

Meanwhile, at the warehouse, a group of us are busy opening and sorting boxes and boxes of dog clothes.  I’m not a fan of dogs wearing clothes, except for cold winter days when small or short haired dogs appreciate a warm, practical coat.  Some of the stuff that we find in the boxes is just dreadful.  We fill at least two very large cartons with a selection of fancy dress outfits which range from awful to downright cruel.  Another box is filled with dresses (yes, dog dresses) and colourful Hawaiian shirts, and a further two are full of shoes.  There’s even a set of Wellington boots.  I don’t know what we’ll do with these as I can’t bring myself to let them fall into the hands of dog owners who might  actually use them.

The rest of the clothes are passable, sweaters and coats, and these will go to our various sales outlets, the next one being the Pet Expo at the end of the month where we have a booth..  We finish the day by stacking and marking all the boxes with the contents so they’re easy to identify, and head off home with the feeling of a job well done.

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3 Responses to “Wednesday 22nd July: Icecream’s sad story”

  1. max Says:

    I would say icecream is a very very lucky one who has a home to go to, a place that always welcome him back! Thanks for all the good work done! I read your blog everyday…After reading, I love my puppy at home more…and have a walk with him even I am tired….I cannot do much about the abandoned one, but I can start to love my own puppy and show others that we are lucky to have dogs as our friends….I also encourage the kids to touch my dog in a proper way and learn to love them…..Thanks again for your great work!

  2. Denvy Says:

    I’ll buy some of the dog clothes – to be used as rags to clean up after Lemondrop’s drool after a long run!

    Really sorry to hear about Ice Cream. Sigh..

  3. tina Says:

    I can’t believe Ice Cream was dumped, me and my husband walked him last year while he was at HKDR, he was gorgeous and I wasn’t surprised when he was snapped up and adopted very quickly, we talked about adopting him ourselves but we were off traveling for 3 months so had to pass.

    Then today i got a call saying a pug called Ice cream had been found and could we foster. picked him up, brought him home and he must have a very strong character as he doesn’t seem traumatized at all, he is now happily playing with my other 2 pugs as though the last 6 months have never happened. It’s going to be very hard not to fall in love with him. Husband is adamant we should only have 2 dogs but at the very least definitely we are going to keep him until this beautiful brave little boy a fantastic family.

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