Monday 20th July: Lucky and not so lucky

It’s a big day for Sparkle as she’s booked in for her desexing, along with the last of the doglets, Chippy’s brother, Beanie.  Also saying goodbye to their manhood today are little fat boy, Reggie, and the new dachshund, Freddie. All head off early to be at the SPCA by 9am, none of them too happy about it.  I try to explain to Sparkle that it’s a once-in-a-lifetime thing, but of course she doesn’t understand.  Oh well, it will all be over by the afternoon.

I’m not looking forward to the day either, anticipating the AFCD kennels and what I’ll find there.  It’s worse than I expected as there has been a huge new intake as a result of complaint calls about stray dogs.  The problem is, the dogs that end up being caught are often, if not usually, not the ones that are the cause of the complaint, rather innocent dogs that happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.  There is one dog that is a feeding mother who has been taken while her pups must be dying somewhere.  She is clearly tormented and desperate, and I’m filled with despair at my inability to help all of these dogs.  The mother dog is my main concern, and because she’s slight and pretty I say I’ll come back tomorrow to see how she is. 

 I’ve come today to take the dalmation and he’s very happy to get out.  As he’s not microchipped I have to estimate his age for the license, and I guess he’s about six years old but it’s impossible to say really.  He’s not young, but not old either, and while his teeth are quite yellow they’re also not covered in tartar.  He’s very overweight, but a very happy and friendly boy.  I call him Spotty, which is  very unoriginal and uninspired, but he can have a new name when he is adopted.

 I pop over to SPCA to have a look at the dogs that are coming round from their desexing operations, and Sparkle is very happy to see me.  Beanie needs to be microchipped so I take him over to AFCD to have it done while he’s still not quite fully awake.  Although he’s become quite friendly at home, he’s obviously very scared at being sent away to have unspeakable things done to him, so he goes over in his travel crate.

 Freddie the dachshund has an adoption interview today, but I’m a bit concerned to see him still asleep but shaking and shivering.  I call the vet assistant to have a look at him and all the attention wakes him up.  His potential adopter has also arrived, so he gets a quick check over from the vet before he leaves for his new home.  His back legs are very weak and he has little muscle from being caged all his life, so he needs to build up the strength slowly.  Anyway, he’s a lucky dog as he’s going to be starting a whole new life, unlike the inmates at AFCD just a hundred or so yards away.

January has a big day lined up

January has a big day lined up

There’s an unexpected chance of a new life too for January, a German Shepherd cross who came to us last year with her sister June, and brother Jay.  They were older pups at the time, and Jay was adopted by one of our volunteers, leaving the two girls to grow up at kennels.  Now there is a chance that January will be sent to California, to the German Shepherd Rescue Centre, and our fingers are very tightly crossed that all goes well with her health checks scheduled for tomorrow.  She also needs to show that she can tolerate being handled by strangers, as everything will be new to her and she can’t blow it by freaking out at any stage of the proceedings.

For our volunteers, especially those who have been with HKDR for a while and have got to know the dogs well, chances like these mean so much.  There are so many sweet and beautiful dogs that need homes, and I know the emotional involvement and attachment that both myself and everyone feels.  We are always hoping and waiting, wishing that today will be the day that one of our dogs is chosen to start his or her new life.

Good luck, January.

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3 Responses to “Monday 20th July: Lucky and not so lucky”

  1. Abby and Lou Says:

    Good luck January!

  2. Vivian Chan Says:

    aww, good luck jan jan. i’m already in happy tears as if she is moving to cali tomorrow. jan and jay were among the dogs that i would walk when i first started dog walking when i didn’t know any two-legged and four-legged friends at the kennels. fingers and paws crossed!

  3. Norma M Says:

    January behaved very well when she went by taxi to the vet and was very calm. Once at the vet she also tolerated the handling by strangers really well and so passed that part of the test with flying colours! All seems well from a medical point of view but she needs to get her hips x-rayed and tick bite fever test completed. In the meantime she is headed to California with Vivian. Lots of love January and we wish you a long and happy life in the US.

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