Sunday 19th July: The storm has passed

I wake this morning to find the typhoon has already passed, and am kicking myself for having told potential adopters that I will have to cancel meetings at Whiskers’n’Paws today.  Even though the number 8 signal is still up, it’s quickly lowered and I can see sampans out and about. Damn damn damn. 

We had sent out an emergency message to volunteers yesterday afternoon asking for overnight fosters for the kennel dogs, and there was an amazing response.  Enough dogs were taken out that nobody was left without a proper and safe space to see out the storm.  For future typhoons we can keep a register of names and try to get the dogs out sooner.  At least we won’t be stressing out about them at the last minute.

I email the potential adopters in the hpe that they will still come to Whiskers’n’Paws, and load up the puppies that I want them to meet, as well as a handful of others.  The Lorry Pups are always popular as they are so playful and friendly, and they’re happy to be picked up and cuddled.  Bobbie, now called Mops, is a must of course.  She’s such a beautiful, funny and cute girl.  Surely if there’s anyone there today seriously wanting a puppy, Mope would be top of the list.  Sadly, although the store is really busy today, all the puppy huggers are either future adopters or dog lovers just getting their “fix” of puppy love.

Nickel having fun on the terrace at Whiskers'n'Paws

Nickel having fun on the terrace at Whiskers'n'Paws

Nickel the shih tzu is being fostered by Vada, owner of Whiskers’n’Paws, so he is at his at his now-usual spot in the office, and comes out to show the crowd how he can play.  His favourite toy today is a squeaky red ball which he encourages his audience to throw for him. He’s quite at home in the store now, and makes his propriety feelings clear to some of the visiting dogs he takes a dislike to.  Typical shih tzu.

Amazingly the afternoon stays dry and the older pups can enjoy their playtime on the terrace.  I’ve brought along Karina, an older puppy who’s starting to look very beagle-ish in the body, but has little sharpei ears.  She has the most calm and sweet nature, and was one of the pups I was hoping to introduce to the would-be adopters today.  Neither turn up, and I leave at the end of the afternoon with all the puppies I took over.

Minky's growing up

Minky's growing up

 Back home, Minky has been starting to venture downstairs by herself.  I had given up carrying her down every morning because she simply went straight back to the top floor, but now she’s beginning to realise that it’s a lot more fun out in the garden than being stuck in one room.  I suspect she’s also feeling a bit left out as her play pal, Sparkle, has taken a shine to Mops and Minky is often left out of the wrestling games.  Or maybe she’s getting a bit too old for such childish pastimes.

Tonight as I begin my ritual calling-in of the dogs, there is an addition to the usual few who like to have a last-minute play before going inside.  It’s Minky, who’s been upstairs for the evening but has reappeared for a scamper round the deck with Wanda.  This is standard behaviour for Wanda, who is normally quite a sedate and grumpy lady during the day, but at night transforms into a completely mad thing who hurtles round and round the deck at top speed, crashing into any dog in her way.  All the doglets stay clear of her when she starts this manic rush, but tonight Minky joins in and the two of them run round and round until both finally collapse in a panting heap.

I can’t stop laughing as I stand and watch this unlikely pairing of old and young, running themselves ragged until they are completely worn out.  It’s an excellent idea though, and I think every insomniac should give it go..

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