Saturday 18th July: Two out, two in

Although I normally stay home on Saturdays, I have to go to kennels today for several reasons.  Firstly I need to pick up dog food for the Lamma dogs as supplies are low and won’t last until Monday, and I have also arranged to bring home a dachshund that has been surrendered to a shelter somewhere.  He’s a young dog that has apparently been kept in a cage his entire life, so I’m not sure what to expect.

Timing is critical as I don’t want to find myself stuck over on Hong Kong island when the sampans stop running, but I’m also keen for some adopters to meet a couple of my Lamma puppies, especially the monkey pup, Bobbie. (I’ve started calling her Mopsy because she looks just like a big, black mop).  As it is, I only have time to pick up the food, do a quick check of the kennels and get the roof of one of the field houses secured (it blew off before), before the number 3 signal goes up.  I have to make a dash for home, and luckily the van delivering the dachshund pulls up just as I’m leaving.  I grab the horrible cage with the dog inside, pick up a single baby pup from the Bear Cage, and head off.  The timing is perfect, as just as I step through the front door of my house it starts to rain, and with it comes the wind.

Dachshund Freddie

Dachshund Freddie

The dachshund, now called Freddie,  is lovely.  I take him out of his cage for the sampan trip, and he settles happily on my lap, occasionally licking my hand as if to say thanks.  His ears are a bit yeasty inside but he seems otherwise to be in good health.

The puppy had been kept isolated because of his scabby ears, which turned out to be ringworm, but I can’t leave him alone in the Bear Cage during the typhoon, and in any case know that there is nothing that makes a puppy more unhappy than not having other puppies to play with.  The ringworm isn’t serious and it’s far more important that the puppy is socialised.  Solo, as he’s called,  was brought to us by someone who found him sitting by himself on a road near the Peak, and while I don’t normally accept puppies that are found like this (due simply to lack of space),  he happened to come along at a time when the Lorry Pups were around the same age.  Now he is reunited with them, and all is fine except for the fact that his stay in the cage, even though it’s a very large one, has already broken the instinctive rule of never dirtying your own space.  Solo quite happily pees and poos over all the beds and towels, so I’m hoping that he quickly re-learns the Golden Rule.

Back at the kennels, there are surprisingly two adoptions:  Blini, the gorgeous pointer puppy, and Toast, brother of Jacko who was adopted yesterday.  Now only Zero remains of the three brothers, and the only reason he hasn’t already been adopted is because he needed to have an operation on his lower eyelid which meant having his eye sewn closed for a while.  That’s pretty off-putting for potential adopters, but the stitches come out today so he’s sure to get a home before too long.

There is, however, another unexpected arrival in the form of James, a dog that had apparently been abandoned on the street by his owners a couple of weeks ago, and had been patiently waiting by a bus stop for their return ever since.  He was brought in by one of our volunteers after I heard his sad story and agreed that he couldn’t be left any longer, especially because of the impending typhoon.  As always, the question is where to put him, and I decide the only possible place is in the small field with the doglets (who are really now young adults).  I know James will get a good going over by the resident dogs, so two of us accompany him as he is pulled reluctantly through the gate.  Sure enough, the others are ready to pounce, but they are easily and quickly diverted by bags of Greenies.  The first day will be tough for James but he’s a big boy and I’m sure he’ll manage.  I hope so, anyway.


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