Friday 17th July: Storm brewing

An afternoon meeting in Central meant that I didn’t get to kennels until it was too late to go and get the lovely dalmation waiting at AFCD.  It’s such a friendly dog and I keep hoping that it’s only lost, not abandoned, but it’s been five or six days now and nobody has been to claim it.  Of course there’s no real space for it at our kennels, but it’s just too nice a dog to simply leave to be killed.

Later in the day when I see the weather forecast and news that a severe tropical storm is heading our way, I’m relieved that I didn’t bring in another dog.  There are also several golden retrievers in the queue for a place at our kennels, as well as a couple of small collies and others, but for now we have to make sure that those we already have are safe and dry if the weather turns really bad.  In any case we know that there’ll be heavy rain even if we’re spared very strong winds.

One early call I get today is from a woman who reminds me about her Pekingese that she surrendered to AFCD last year, and then reclaimed from us saying her daughter missed the dog so much she wanted to take it back.  Surprisingly this isn’t an isolated case, and we have had several occasions when ex-owners of dogs that we have taken from AFCD as surrenders have come to us wanting the dog back.  Normally we refuse, as the reason for the surrender still exists and we don’t believe that the apparent change of heart is genuine, or that the circumstances have changed, such as a No Pets policy in the home.

Sure enough, today’s call is to say that the woman wants to surrender her peke again, and she asks me when I’ll be at kennels so she can bring him in.  My reply is that I’ll be late because I have a meeting to go to, but in any case it would be better for her if I wasn’t there.  I’m angry enough as it is, but actually seeing the dog will really upset me.  There will be no friendly reception waiting for this repeat dog-dumper.

Luckily I’m spared any further such calls today as I manage to leave my phone at home.  It’s quite scary how not having a mobile phone can leave you feeling almost panicky.  I’m expecting a call from SPCA about little Gus who has gone in for an operation, and to have his urine tested.  I usually discuss options with the vet before any decision about treatment is made and now I’m out of touch.  How on earth did everyone manage to run businesses and organisations like HKDR before mobile phones?  I can’t imagine having to wait to get to a land line when so many decisions have to be instant, especially when dealing with sick dogs.

Beautiful Jacko is adopted

Beautiful Jacko is adopted

Finally one of the three pups that came with their cocker mother, Patsy, is adopted.  Jacko, Toast and Zero are beautiful six-month old boys, and they look very much like small Labradors.  Poor Patsy had ten more puppies inside her when she and her pups were surrendered, but she’s now recovered from desexing operation (and removal of the pups), and she and her boys play happily together.  Jacko is today’s lucky dog and I just hope the others won’t have to wait too long before they too are adopted.  They’re such gorgeous puppies.

 Following on from the documentary about pedigree dogs that was shown on TVB Pearl last week, I read in one of the UK newspapers that although the BBC dropped Crufts after the programme was first aired, another cable TV station will be covering the freak show this year.  It’s disappointing, but not surprising, that despite the initial outcry nothing has changed.  Crufts will continue to provide a stage for all the mutant dogs and the breeders will continue to breed and inbreed as they have always done.

 If you missed the programme, click here to watch it.

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