Wednesday 8th July: Getting ready for Saturday

In preparation for Saturday’s big sale at the Excelsior Hotel, a group of us spend the afternoon at the warehouse sorting and marking the boxes of toys, dog beds and other bits and pieces.  It’s hard work but fun, as each box reveals an amazing variety of toys, hard, soft, squeaky and half way in between.  Now we just have to hope that lots of people turn up for the sale, as there will be a huge amount of stock to take over and we’re hoping not much coming back.  If you’ve received the email about the event, please do send it on to as many people as you can.  Converting the stock to cash means a lot to us as the economic woes have resulted in a very noticeable drop in donations as well as adoptions.

 As I have mentioned many times, my phone rings every day with enquiries about dog surrenders.  Assuming the callers can speak English, I ask them to send details with photos by email, which everyone say they will do.(I ask Kathy at the kennels to contact the Chinese-only speakers).  However, I would guess that only about 10% of the callers actually follow up, and most we just never hear from again. I can’t help but worry and wonder about the dogs and what happened to them.  With AFCD offering a no-questions-asked service, I suspect most of the dogs end up at one of the four Animal Management Centres, or even on the street.  All but one of our current office occupants came from AFCD kennels, and apart from Dorothy the pug they are all young and healthy dogs. All of them were picked up from the street, not even surrendered.  Who could do that?  Throwing any dog on the street is appalling, but to do that to a small one, obviously unable to fend for itself, is unspeakable.. 

 One recent caller said he had four Yorkshire terriers he no longer wanted, but since then we have heard nothing.  Two of the Yorkies are teacup size and I know we would easily find them a home.  Even if we can’t physically accommodate the dogs at our kennels, if they are homeable we can put them up on our website and do a home-to-home adoption, but it seems that even sending details and a photo is too much trouble for many people.

Another caller told me her friend had just died and had left four dogs which were currently still in the home but with nobody to take care of them.  They were all one to two years old, a golden retriever, a labrador and two pekes.  Although we have no space for the dogs, I told the caller to bring them to our kennels anyway.  Leaving them in limbo wasn’t an option.  They never came, and I don’t know what happened.  I heard that the police were involved, and I assume the dogs were sent to AFCD, but there’s nothing confirmed and no further word from the friend.

Delta before adoption

Delta before adoption

 One of today’s surrender calls came via another organisation, CAF.. They let us know because this was one of our dogs, adopted a couple of years ago and now no longer wanted because the owner is pregnant.  Delta is a Pekingese cross, still only young and a very sweet dog.  We need to act quickly before she too disappears into No Dog’s Land, that place where so many dogs seem to end up in, never to be seen or heard of again. 

 Back on Lamma, my lucky dogs are given new toys brought back from the warehouse.  The garden is already littered with the remains of previous hand-outs as dogs, like children, get bored very quickly.  The soft toys are quickly massacred, the stuffing ripped out and the ‘skin’ used for a tug-of-war contest.  By the time I turn off the lights to go to bed, there’s not a toy left intact.

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2 Responses to “Wednesday 8th July: Getting ready for Saturday”

  1. Sunshine Says:

    Is it serious for people to abandon their dogs which were adopted a few years ago?It’s rather sad for these dogs to be returned again.
    I read from SCMP that the lease of the kennels is going to expire soon. Is the moving plan sorted out already?

    • Sally Says:

      Yes, the official lease on the kennels has already expired and we are on a month-by-month renewal. My search for a new kennel site is ongoing.

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