Monday 6th July: Back to work

Having recently received a letter from AFCD telling me that a few of my dogs needed their licenses renewing, Ottilie and Ginny came with me to the kennels in the afternoon.  Although not sisters, they have grown up together and are very close.  I still think of them as very young dogs, but I’m reminded that they’re now coming up to 4 years old.  Where has the time gone?  I clearly remember them as puppies, and knew from the start that Ottilie would grow into the cheeky dog that she is, while Ginny’s number one interest is food.  She’s part beagle by the looks of her, and she’s inherited the breed’s obsession with anything that could be remotely edible.  This is their first trip away from Lamma since they were first licensed and desexed, but they cope with it surprisingly well as long as I’m no further than a couple of feet away.  Thankfully they don’t even vomit on the sampan or in the taxi, though I have the plastic bags on standby.

 The new husky, Ojay, and the cocker spaniel, Patsy, are at SPCA being desexed today.  Even though she was surrendered along with her 6-month old puppies, Patsy is very obviously pregnant again and turns out to have TEN puppies inside her.  As cruel as it might seem having the puppies removed, can you imagine what a disaster it would have been if she had actually given birth?  Ten puppies are far too many for a dog to be able to cope with, not to mention the fact that we already have a mother and her nine baby pups at kennels.  I can’t believe the stupidity and selfishness of the person who brought Patsy to us, as she can hardly have failed to notice that she was heavily pregnant.  Of course no mention was made of that when she asked me if we could take the dog and her 6-month puppies (who look almost like pure labradors).

The vet had suspicions that the husky might also be pregnant, but luckily it turned out to be only fat and excess fur.  Ojay is a sweet and pretty dog, but huskies are really not suited to the Hong Kong climate and I wish people would stop breeding and buying them.  They belong in the snow, not baking sunshine.

I’d forgotten there was a fourth dog taken from Sheung Shui AFCD on Saturday, a 4-5 month puppy that I’d seen a photo of but hadn’t met in person.  When I saw Fabio for the first time I thought no way could be only be 4 months as he’s already as big as many of our adult dogs, but sure enough his teeth told me that he was indeed still a baby, just a very large one.  From his face and colouring, he’s almost certainly half Great Dane, and an absolute sweetheart.  Surely someone will want such a beautiful puppy.

Oh, but there are so many of them, all beautiful, funny, sweet and lovely.  Milky and his friends, Jerry, Sugar and Creamy, such fantastic pups.  New boy Piper, so pretty and so friendly.  They are all free to run round the kennels and have great fun digging in the field or jumping in and out of the giant water bowls, perfect splash pools when you’re small enough.  Why would anyone not love them and choose them over a sickly pet shop puppy?

Reynard, the fox terrier, is learning fast and now joins in the games that Cosmo and Luca play.  The office is small but still big enough for them to be able to race round, stopping for a wrestle now and again. Having only recently been desexed, Reynard still thinks that humping is part of the game, but he’ll get over it.  It’s just good to see him joining in and having fun.

 Top volunteer, Michelle, and I start sorting out stuff that we’ll be taking to the Excelsior Hotel for the big sale on Saturday.  We also have a stall outside the Hopewell Centre on Wednesday and Thursday, so we can’t take too much from the shelves or there’ll be nothing left.  It’s going to be a pretty crazy day on Saturday, not to mention an early one, and there’s still a mountain of stock in the warehouse that needs sorting and separating.  That’s a job for Wednesday.

To help us save more dogs’ lives, click here to make a donation.


5 Responses to “Monday 6th July: Back to work”

  1. Angela Wong Says:

    Hmmm, I think I have seen Ginny who joined our Peak to Post some years ago. So, maybe yesterday was her 2nd trip out from Lamma? Yes, I still remember how she looked when she was still a puppy. Love her mark on the nose.

  2. Pei Says:

    So sad about Patsy’s pups…it really upsets me that HK isn’t stricter about animal control measures like desexing, tagging and education, not to mention stricter guidelines for pet stores. It all contributes so much to the ignorance of the general public 😦

  3. ling Says:

    i m curious. For every popular pure breed someone decides to buy from a pet shop or a breeder- say HK6,000. (at worse, to later abandon) If that money is instead, donated to HKDR, and used to adopt a dog- whats the price difference, and how many more dogs still waiting for a home are helped with the money left over?

    It makes better sense to adopt doesnt it?

  4. Miri Says:


    Totally agree! That is exactly what I think and do. There is also the satisfaction of saving a dog’s life that money cannot buy. Some of these abandoned dogs have never experienced love in their lives and to watch their transformation (from being extremely wary to totally trusting of people) is immensely rewarding.

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