Sunday 5th July: One lucky puppy

With the rain so heavy in the morning I was fully expecting the puppy event at Whiskers’n’Paws to be a complete wash out, but as in previous weeks the weather gods smiled on Horizon Plaza and we had a full dry afternoon.  It was the first time for a few of the pups, but the terrace worked its magic as always, and after a nervous start even Piers was joining in the games. 

Amanda takes it easy

Amanda takes it easy

Only Amanda didn’t move for the entire three hours, but sat quietly on laps, enjoying the attention of so many people.  Little Nero came for a play, but his enthusiasm for jumping on the girls proved to be a bit much for his doting parents, and he was whisked off back home.  Not before he had been taken on another mega shopping spree, though.  That little guy has really landed on his chubby feet.

 The trip over from Lamma was made easier by the fact that we had three pups coming in from foster, and three more being brought from kennels.  One of the foster pups was a very cute fellow who had arrived from AFCD Sheung Shui the previous day.  One of our volunteers had offered to take him home for the night so that he could come to Whiskers’n’Paws  without having to spend time at kennels, where we had nowhere for him to go anyway.  I think it took about five minutes of watching so many people showing so much interest in the puppy before his fosters decided to adopt him themselves.  I can’t wait to see what he grows into as he’s certainly a very unusual and cute puppy, as well as being a very lucky one.

Nugget aka Daisy

Nugget aka Daisy

 Two other pups came from their foster home.  These were the 1 +1 that were part of the litter

Pup Serendipity aka Sasha

Pup Serendipity aka Sasha

found under a lorry recently.  Now they are adorable, healthy and happy girls.

 The rest of the litter, which ended up at AFCD before I took them out,  have also turned into really great puppies.  All brindle, a couple of them seem to have short legs which means they won’t grow to be large dogs.  Hopefully this will be to their advantage, as many people prefer not to have large dogs in their small apartments.  In any case, for now the pups are having a wonderful time at Whiskers’n’Paws, playing with toys and each other, wrestling and chasing and getting lots of attention.  I need to find a bigger

One of the 6 stripey "lorry pups" - very cute!

One of the 6 stripey "lorry pups" - very cute!

space for them at kennels so they can have this much fun every day.

 There were no more adoptions at Whiskers’n’Paws, but very good news from the kennels that one of our doglets, Deli, had been adopted.  Deli had been with us a few months, and that was longer than we had expected as she is such a smart and happy girl, and small for a mongrel.  Anyway, her time has come now, and we wish her a long and happy life.

Deli leaving for her new home (all photos are from Mandy Chu's photoblog)

Deli leaving for her new home (all photos are from Mandy Chu's photoblog)

 Back home and with the puppies returned to their various areas, I switch on the television to watch the Pearl Report.  This episode is about Hong Kong police dogs, and also the AFCD sniffer dogs used to check for puppies being smuggled in from China.  I recognised one of the handlers, Jack Lim, as being one of the ex-Pokfulam AFCD staff, a really nice man who obviously loved the dogs enough to switch jobs.  I was also very happy to note the complete lack of choke chains or bullying training methods, and the strong bond between dog and handler.

 Now, according to Pearl Report, German Shepherds are being phased out by the police in favour of the stronger and healthier Malinois.  German Shepherds have so many genetic problems such as hip dysplasia that their working lives are short, and many of them can’t be used at all.  I hope potential puppy buyers will take note, and also that they will watch the TV programme on Thursday which may, hopefully, deter at least some of then from choosing a “poor breed” from one of the dreadful pet shops.

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2 Responses to “Sunday 5th July: One lucky puppy”

  1. Cheryl Says:

    Yes I hope more people to watch this Thursday’s “dog” TV program abt the “purebred”, which shocked many people in the UK and force the kennel club to make some changes. How Horrific for “Man play GOD” …!

  2. Marie Says:

    Amanda is a gorgeous puppy.
    Good for Deli! Very happy about that:) much love to the HKDR dogs x

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