Saturday 4th July: New additions

Although Saturdays are almost always days when I don’t go to kennels, today I don’t stay on Lamma as usual but attend a talk in a Wanchai bookshop given by Carmen Kwong, author of several dog books.  Not for the first time I’m embarrassed about my lack of Cantonese, and wish I could understand what’s being said.  After 25 years in Hong Kong I know I should be able to speak the language, but the tones still evade me.  After being asked more than once by taxi drivers to speak in English so I could be understood, I’ve just about given up trying.  When it’s my own turn to give a short talk about HKDR, I speak in English and Carmen has to translate.  In any case, I’m very happy to see a lot of lovely mixed breeds attending the talk, as Carmen is a great fan tries to promote mongrels in her books.


Pointer 'Blini'

Pointer 'Blini'

While I’m out and about in Wanchai, there are new arrivals at kennels and the inevitable question of where to put them all. From the Sheung Shui AFCD kennels comes two mongrel pups, a husky and, quite unbelievably, a pointer puppy, Blini.


At about the same time someone surrenders a cocker spaniel, Patsy. along with her four “puppies”, at six months and of uncertain mix already bigger than their mother.  At least they have the floppy ears of a cocker so look very much like labradors.  That might help them find a home.

Cocker mum Patsy, wondering where she is

Cocker mum Patsy, wondering where she is

This poor cocker mix puppy is drooling with stress

This poor cocker mix puppy is drooling with stress


A group of Casey's intake

A group of Casey's intake

Casey, the dog who has a habit of cutting his toe open, comes back from surgery having had the toe amputated.  He’ll manage quite well with only one toe missing, but I’m not sure what will happen if he continues to injure himself.  In any case, he’ll need to be isolated for a while so his foot can heal properly.  A foster home would be ideal, but they’re thin on the ground for a large dog like Casey.  He’s one of our long-termers who came to us from AFCD along with a very large group of similar, cream-coloured puppies.  They had been taken from the area around the Big Buddha on Lantau, and were probably all related.  One by one the other pups were adopted, but for no real reason Casey wasn’t one of the lucky ones. Now his chances of a home are low, but with the recent (lovely) surprise adoptions of  Eden, Cowboy and Julian, who knows.  We’ll never give up hoping.


While I remember, here are a couple of dates to mark in your diary for next week.  On Thursday at 8pm, please try to catch the programme on TVB Pearl about pedigree dogs and the reality of what this means.  The documentary received a lot of coverage in the UK after it was shown, and it’s something that needs to be publicized.

 On Saturday we’re holding our bonanza sale of dog products at the Kellett Room 2, Excelsior Hotel, Causeway Bay, from 11am until 5pm..  Even if your dog doesn’t really need some new toys, please come along to support us – and tell all your friends.  Your dog will thank you for it, I’m sure.

 While I’m doing my sales pitch,  don’t forget to keep Sunday 29th November free so you can join this year’s Peak to Fong fundraiser.  It’s going to be a big one this year!

To help us save more dogs’ lives, click here to make a donation.


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  1. Gloria Says:

    Sally, plus we have our fundraising booth at Hopewell Centre on 8 and 9 July from 9am to 6pm, plus we have another booth at Petexpo from 31 July to 2 August. For details, please go to Petexpo website:

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