Thursday 2nd July: Hello and goodbye

While I’m out on my continual quest for a new kennel site, I’m very happy with the news from kennels that rascal pups, Billy and Benji, have been adopted together, and they are going to live not too far from me in the next bay on Lamma.  They’ll have a huge garden to run in and a wonderful life ahead of them, and I’m thrilled with their good fortune.  These two boys are Minky’s brothers, and they must share the same Mischief gene.  To all of them life is just one big quest for fun and games, and for Billy you can add swimming.  I’m told the first thing Billy did after being adopted was to jump in the swimming pool, and I was reminded that he was the only puppy or dog at my house that dared to go in the “pool” (actually a fish holding  tank).  Now I need a similar home for Minky and her sidekick, Sparkle.

 There was another re-homing of sorts today, what could be the quickest on record.  I went as usual to AFCD kennels, and took out a lovely fluffy pup, Piper, a Hong Kong Collie.  I named him after a previous Piper, also the same ‘breed’, who was recently taken back to England.  I’m hoping Piper No 1’s luck will pass on to the new Piper.

 I also took out a dog that had been waiting a while, and who had been picked up by the dog catchers at Wah Fu Estate, very close to our kennels and AFCD.  He was wearing a collar and I suspected he was someone’s (illegal?) pet who had had the misfortune to be in the wrong place when the dog catching team were around.  A quiet and placid dog despite his large size, he had the wrinkled brow of a sharpei giving him a permanent frown or quizzical appearance.  Like many dogs that have been kept in a kennel when they are used to being outside, this one showed signs of really needing and wanting to find somewhere to relieve himself as soon as he could.  He had obviously been holding everything in an attempt to keep his living space clean,  and the moment we stepped out of the gates of the Animal Management Centre where there are grass and trees,  he cocked his leg for about five minutes.  I could almost feel his relief.  As we walked towards the HKDR kennels, he stopped again and again while I waited, not wanting to rush him.  Poor guy, he must have been bursting.  Looking for yet another suitable place to squat, the dog starting making his way down the steep bank at the side of the road while. I held tightly on to the end of the leash.  Suddenly I felt myself being pulled down too and quickly secured the leash round a tree.  The last thing I wanted was to go head first down the bank into the bushes and who knows what else.  As the dog felt the resistance on his collar he started to pull against it, and I watched helplessly as he tugged and wriggled his head free.  I watched him as he made his way down into the valley, heading no doubt back to Wah Fu which lies on the far side, before going back to AFCD to report him as lost.  I hope he can be reunited with his owner, and at least he is now microchipped and rabies vaccinated so I’ll be contacted if he is picked up again.

 One of our long term kennel dogs, Casey, has managed to cut his toe open and has to see the vet.  We haven’t worked out how it happens, but this is at least the third time, if not the fourth, that Casey has needed to have his toe stitched up.  It’s too late in the day for him to have surgery immediately so he’s booked in for tomorrow.  It’s a total mystery, and difficult to avoid as we can’t see how he does it, and where.  Now Casey will need to be isolated yet again.

 Luca’s transformation from a very unhappy little dog to one who now actively seeks attention is great to see.  In fact, he’s so happy in the office that he’s now refusing to leave to go for walks.  No doubt he thinks that he’s going to be moved back to the enclosure he was living in before, and there’s no way he wants that. Dorothy the pug has stopped complaining about the new boy, although she leaves the games to the youngsters. With a full contingent of Kathy, Maxwell, Mark and myself in the small office, the addition of four small but active little dogs makes things a bit cramped and difficult, but nobody minds the inconvenience.  We just want them all to find homes.

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2 Responses to “Thursday 2nd July: Hello and goodbye”

  1. Vivian Chan Says:

    I’m so happy for super friendly and hyper pups Billy and Benji!! Good for them! A dog with a collar would look like someone’s pet if anyone asks me. Wouldn’t it be more practical if AFCD brings along their microchipping tools down to Wah Fu to chip dogs instead of having a team of dog catchers to catch someone’s illegally owned pets? Dogs know their way home. AFCD can follow them, the owners will be found and can be taught about license and rabies shots.

  2. Norma M Says:

    I think I have seen the sharpei cross who escaped from you many times on the other side of the slope you mention. I think he must either live in the valley or near the plant nursery as that is where I have always seen him. Hope he is now back home and being looked after. He looked in good health previously.

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