Wednesday 1st July: Back to business

I’m buoyed today by two good pieces of news and a wonderful show of support in response to yesterday’s blog entry.  It means a lot to me to know that the volunteers and supporters feel the same as I do and that I’m not alone.  In fact, turning up at the kennels on a stinking hot public holiday and finding so many helping hands there was also a great feeling.  The dogs were very happy and grateful for their cooling showers and shampoos as well as their walks.

Julian1 LANDSCAPEThe good news: another one of our lovely mongrels was adopted.  Julian was already a young adult when he turned up at AFCD, and being a pretty standard tan “village dog”, he blended in with the others when I brought him to our kennels.  Like Cowboy, who was also recently adopted, Julian wasn’t one of the dogs that immediately sprang to mind when making a list of our “most likely”, those who we thought would quickly find a home.  He was lovely, of course, but it was an unexpected adoption and all the better because of it.

 The second piece of good news was the confirmation of a function room at the Excelsior Hotel where we were hoping to have a massive sale of our warehouse stock.  Now it’s all systems go for Saturday 11th July, and there’s a lot of work to be done including sorting and getting everything in place so that on the morning of the sale we can be ready for an 11 o’clock start.  There’s a lot of donated stock that’s been piling up and hopefully we can convert that into much needed cash.

Luca feeling happy

Luca feeling happy

I’d been waiting for some of the small office dogs to be adopted or fostered so there was room for one more, a very pretty but problematic boy, Luca.  He’s been with us for a while and there’s been a lot of interest in him, but unfortunately he can bite when upset and he’s been getting picked on a lot by the other small dogs he shares his space with.  As a result he’s been getting withdrawn and quite aggressive at times, and I knew something had to be done before his behaviour became habitual.  Even getting him out of the little dog house that he was hiding in proved to be a challenge, and I could see he was afraid. .  There was a stand-off as I tried to work out how I could persuade Luca to come out, while he was determined that wasn’t going to happen.  Finally, I came up with the idea of putting an open cage in front of the door of the dog house, and sure enough Luca’s curiosity got the better of him and he couldn’t resist coming out to see what was happening.  Gotcha!  From there on it was easy to pick the cage up and carry it to the office where Luca was greeted by the other residents, Cosmo, Nickel and Dorothy.  As Luca hopped out of the cage and started to investigate, only pug Dorothy made it very clear that he wasn’t welcome, and as a result found herself getting time out in the cage.  Within fifteen minutes, Luca was happy enough to not only lick my hand but also to offer his neck so I could scratch it for him.  I hope, and think, that we’ll start to see a real change in him, as we did with Cosmo, so similar in both looks and temperament.  Next step – a home.

 Lorna’s own pups are doing well, but one of the three add-ons is struggling.  I’m surprised that they are all still alive as Lornathey are so young and Lorna is reluctant to let them suckle.  The decision not to intervene by bottle feeding them is made, not just because there is no way the pups can be fed every two hours as they need to be at this age, but also because they are unlikely to survive anyway.  Their best chance is to stay with Lorna and to take what milk they can from her.  With the older pups happy to eat mashed up puppy food there is more milk to spare, but Lorna must not only allow the babies to feed but also to take care of them by licking to stimulate their digestive systems.  On a practical side, there are twelve puppies who will quickly grow, and unless they are adopted we will have twelve more dogs to deal with.  That’s not a problem that we need or want at this time.

Just in from the dog hating SCMP journalist Michael Chugani.  This is his latest column, praising the Guangzhou authortities for the introduction of the new One Dog Policy.

” It’s a dog’s life in Guangzhou …. and why not ?
Sometimes, and not often, someone comes up with something worthy of Public Eye’s praise.
Today, we’re going to take a deep bow in the direction of Guangzhou. Make that three bows.
That’s how impressed we are. Where else would officials dare to impose a one -dog policy ? That’s right, Guangzhou is going the way of many other mainland  cities.
 Starting today your’re allowed only one of those mangy mutts. That’s one too many for Pubic Eye, but it’s a start. Mainland bureaucrats have guts, not like the wimps in our Government. 
 They don’t crack at the first sight of pictures showing cute canines with floppy ears,which pet-lovers sneakily throw you to melt your heart. Guangzhou dog owners are playing dirty.
They’re spreading horror stories of the authorities ” massacring ” mutts that families turn in to comply with the new policy.
Our advice to any wavering officials : just think of the past piles of pooch poop you’ve stepped on. And the sleepless nights listening to your neighbour’s barking beast. That will steel you up  for the next step – a NO- DOG POLICY.”
Mr Chugani’s gripe is that at some time in his obviously over-sheltered life he stepped in some dog poo, and the disgust and revulsion has stayed with him, twisting his mind and outlook to such a degree that he’s revelling in the beating to death of many thousands of innocent pets. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions but how much do you have to hate a species to enjoy seeing them slaughtered in the most appalling menner? I have to seriously question not only Mr Chugani’s morals, but also his mind.  Based on such high levels of acceptable noise and hygiene standards, perhaps China should also consider the mass cull of spitters, litterbugs and mahjong players.  That will get rid of a few million.

Please feel free to drop Michael Chugani  a line (email: He obviously thinks of himself as an amusing kind of chap, but personally I find him and his type very worrying.   Next stop Bowen Road?

To help us save more dogs’ lives, click here to make a donation.


10 Responses to “Wednesday 1st July: Back to business”

  1. Helen Says:

    I’m sure he’ll get his just deserts and be reincarnated as a village dog from Guangzhou!

  2. ken Says:

    Well, Mr Chugani is just a simple man with a narrow unkind mind trying to get some sound bite. He should not be allowed to write and spread his unkindness in the newspapers. Hope the owner of SCMP would take note of what Mr Chugani has uniwsely written.

  3. Foster Wong Says:

    I bet Chugani, a seasoned journalist in HK, must have very bad experience with dogs when he was a kid in TST. We cannot expect every people on this planet love dogs like we do, but at least don’t come up with some non-sense such as “no-dog policy”.

    Let’s make our voice heard by send an email to, and cc Chugani.

  4. Alice Says:

    What a disgusting man. No one except him praise the evil things that people do to these innocent dogs.

  5. Vivian E Says:

    We were curious to know what kind of a face this person has and we did a google on what’s his name and found this…

    BTW, we also found out that he is also the editor-in-chief of ATV English News and Current Affairs… and host Newlines every Sunday.

    We think a person of his position should be very careful of what he writes… as we all know that a pen is mightier than a sword.

  6. tina Says:

    I just sent one to Mr Chugani and one to SCMP. I don’t think he will be bothered to even read them but at least we can fill up his mailbox, hopefully SCMP will be more concerned, what he wrote is like something you would expect to read in a mainland newspaper, maybe he should go live there.

    Sally don’t let the bastards (anonymous emailers, dog hating journos and dog dumpers get you down) You have sacrificed your freedom and everything you have for these dogs and are doing an amazing job, any decent compassionate person can see that and would admire you not critisize you.

    Reading your blog has made me realize how tough emotionally and physically your life is and it has made me determined to do more volunteering, more fostering and as much as I can to help more dogs.

  7. Vivian E Says:

    As to “be reincarnated as a village dog from Guangzhou!”, it is kind of being easy on him… he may still have a chance to be that dog in that one-dog policy. Try wishing him being reincarnated as a stray dog in China’s northwest Shaanxi Province (see recent news) or in Iraq Baghdad where they cull strays using poisoned meats and then the shotgun to finish the job!!!

  8. tina Says:

    Dear Mr Chugani, feel so sorry that you hate dogs so much, why is this? my guess is you were brought up in a non animal loving house hold and have been scared of dogs all your life .If you would like to meet my pug Lennon to overcome your fear i would be most willing to meet up with you.

    Michael Chugani to me
    show details 10:34 PM (15 hours ago)
    Dear Ms Davis, thanks for your email. I’ve received quite a few regarding the dog item. Yours is one of the more polite ones. I am grateful. Actually, I don’t hate dogs, I just hate their barking when I’m trying to sleep or write my columns. Dog-owners keep on telling me it’s not the dogs but the owners who are at fault. But the fact is, the dogs bark, the owners don’t. You’re partially right about how I was brought up. I never had a dog not did I ever yearn for one. My late parents told me they had a dog (I was too young to remember) but the dog disappeared one day and never returned. My parents were business people in HK at the time and they were convinced the dog ended up in someone’s cooking pot. I personally don’t believe that. I am not scared of dogs, as you suggest, but got really peeved a couple of years back when a dog owner left his pet in the balcony for three days while he went to Macau on vacation. The dog barked non-stop which caused me three sleepless nights. I called the police but they had no power to break into the apartment. Is your dog named after John Lennon? I have no problem meeting up with it but how about a picture first to help overcome this non-existent fear that you are convinced I have.
    Best wishes,

    This is what I received back from him. The poor dog left on a balcony for 3 days, i can just imagine how scared he was. my dogs would be out of their mind if they were even left for one day inside the house. don’t know why he wants a photo of my dog. Don’t think i should send one as he might publish it in his column of hate.

  9. eu Says:

    I just sent a letter to SCMP regarding Mr. Chugani’s article. His arrogant attitude towards the living rights of another species is sickening.

    No matter how much I tell my friends and family that they have to love dogs, the dog-killing in China and news article like this just make me feel like lossing the most important thing for the HK society, HOPE and FAITH.

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