Saturday 27th June: Eden is adopted!

A very happy Eden

A very happy Eden

There’s fantastic news from the kennels as one of our long-termers is adopted.  Eden has been with us since she was a baby pup, and finally the waiting is over.  I know everyone will get such a kick out of this, and it’s a great morale booster when the homing side of things has been so slow.

 One of the tiny stripey pups, Frodo, is also adopted (see Tues 23rd) and goes to join another one of our puppies just round the corner at one of the garden centres.  We can keep an eye on them to make sure they have all the necessary vaccinations and, most importantly, desexing.  There are many stray or semi-owned dogs nearby and the last thing that’s needed is two more intact males roaming around.  Frodo will never know how lucky he is to be alive.

 There are two new arrivals, a young sheltie (Shetland sheepdog), Boston, and a sharpei girl, Mabel.  She will either get snapped up or may wait a long time to be adopted.  Sharpeis are one of those breeds that, like chow chows, are specialist dogs.  By that I mean people are either crazy about them or would never dream of having one. The wrinkles and skin folds in the modern sharpei are a result of man’s intervention, and the original breed had none of these defects.  Like so many other breeds whose characteristics are now so exaggerated that they require surgery to be able to function, Mabel will need a “face lift” to stop the weight of the skin on her face from pushing her eyelashes into her eyes.  This condition is called entropian, and it’s extremely painful as well as a cause of ulcers and ultimate blindness.  Can you imagine what it must be like to have scratchy eyelashes rubbing on your eyeball 24 hours a day, every day?

I know that yet another sheltie will be arriving tomorrow, along with a young golden retriever.  Both dogs were due to be taken to AFCD by their owner, so agreeing to take them directly is a short-cut to having them anyway.  Shelties are very popular at the moment so we are seeing a lot of them being abandoned.  Poodles are another fashionable accessory that are being regularly dumped.  I know everyone in the animal rescue “business’ is angry about the continuous cycle of  buy-and-dump, the spur-of-the-moment puppy purchase which results in the poor animal being passed from home to home before finally being thrown on the street.  We now have two shelties and two poodles needing homes, all young.

 I get a call about another golden retriever, a 1-year old that is apparently aggressive.  I don’t know if this is the result of poor breeding, or its environment and care.  The owner tells me that the dog has always been aggressive and dominant, and while I’m talking to her I’m visualising a small puppy, fresh from the pet shop, being labeled as aggressive for its natural puppy play biting.  I ask about training and am told that the dog has been sent away for a month’s “boot camp”, and think to myself what that must be like. Training away from the home and with someone else is absolutely pointless if the problem (if there really is one) takes place within the family environment.  I ask which vet has been taking care of the dog, and say I will ask for a professional opinion before agreeing to accept him for re-homing.  I know that golden retrievers can be aggressive as much as any other dog can, and I don’t want a true biter in the kennels.  My experience with dogs like Derek the cocker and Teddy the labradoodle tell me that dogs labeled as biters aren’t necessarily so, and I’m willing to give the retriever a chance as long as I’m not risking the volunteers’ safety.

Back at home, the dogs are going a bit stir crazy with the incessant rain.  There are frequent yelps and howls of anguish, and it sounds as though a doglet has been mortally wounded.  I rush downstairs, and everything is suddenly fine.  Nobody’s dead and there’s no blood.  There are a couple of real drama queens and they’re usually the ones that are screaming for help. I fall for it every time..

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One Response to “Saturday 27th June: Eden is adopted!”

  1. Marie Says:

    OH how WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Lovely sweet Eden:) yipppeeeeeee! She always was so friendly with the adopters. I am so happy for her. I am yelling a big YIPPEEEE all the way from London. Brilliant news. Hooray! xxxx:D

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