Saturday 20th June: Hot hot hot

I’d just finished posting yesterday’s blog entry when I got a call from the kennels.  Someone has dumped a small dog, a peke or shih tzu cross, outside the gates and it can’t walk properly.  We’ve seen this problem before in other dogs so I know it’s almost certainly a spinal issue and tell Susan, our Saturday morning shift supervisor, to send the dog immediately to Peace Avenue vet clinic in Mong Kok where there is a MRI machine and a neurological specialist.  The dog is lucky, and so are we, that the top surgeon, Dr Diane Lu, is available in the afternoon to perform the delicate surgery if needed. It’s a very expensive procedure, and without doubt the reason the owners dumped the dog.

Throughout the day I get more and more calls and emails from people wanting to give us their dog, or in the case of the cocker spaniel mother, it’s one dog and five pups already 6 months old.  There’s a poodle, and a 9-month labrador cross, as well as mongrels.  Someone has found a fox terrier without a microchip so I say they can bring it straight to the kennels. 

Cowboy leaves for a new home

Cowboy leaves for a new home

At least the news isn’t all bad, and multibreed Cowboy is adopted from the kennels. He was a dog that walked into the HK Country Club one day, and not only was his request for membership denied but he was sent straight to AFCD.  Luckily some sympathetic staff at the club let me know about his plight, and I was able to get him out.  Now he has been chosen for adoption. 

So is Sweetie, one of the office dogs.  She’s a timid girl, and her eyes bulge in fear so much

Sweetie in her usual spot behind the office door

Sweetie in her usual spot behind the office door

when anyone approaches, it seems they will drop out of her head. She loves children, however, and once out on the street away from the kennels, she is a changed dog.  For her sake as much as ours, everyone will be happy that she has found a nice home.

Lovely Bibby, a large sized Chihuahua cross who has been in foster for a while, is also adopted.  It wasn’t so much the human who made the choice, but the resident dog who seemed to be a bit picky about her friends.  Bibby was an instant hit so, phew, she passed the hardest test of all.

 It’s a blisteringly hot day and the top floor of my house has windows on all four sides.  It’s great when the weather allows the sea breezes to blow through, but it’s also a nightmare to keep cool in the hot sun.  All blinds are down but the aircon had suddenly stopped working properly, and both myself and the puppies are struggling in the heat. Poor pups, I don’t know what I can do to help them.  It looks like another new aircon is needed.  In the meantime I fill a big bowl with cool water and put it in with the pups.  There’s yips of joy as they all try to jump in, splashing and digging, so that within minutes the bowl is empty and the floor is awash.  Never mind, it’s cooled the puppies off.

 Late afternoon I get a call from Dr Diane at Peace Avenue telling me that the MRI scan showed that the little dog’s spinal injury is too old to be operable.  She says he can be picked up any time and recommends acupuncture as supportive treatment.  Now there’s a mad scramble to find somewhere for Omega to go.

There’s a message from Angela who handles the small dog adoptions.  Joy, a one-eyed shih tzu who was adopted a couple of years ago, has just died.  The cause is renal failure but it’s really just old age.  There’s also news of two other old dogs’ passing.  Frodo was already pretty ancient when he was adopted a few years ago, and he has just died in his sleep at what must be a near-record age.  Tiny Dougal, a teacup Yorkie who has beenvery happy in his last years, has also reached the end of his life. These days dogs are living much longer, and age-related diseases are common.  As with all cases, the sadness of a dog’s death is balanced with the knowledge that they were loved and cared for until the end, not killed by strangers just because they had been discarded as unwanted.  That’s the real sadness.

Liza and her new friend Bubbles

Liza and her new friend Bubbles

An update about Liza, the old dog saved at the very last minute as she was about to be put to sleep.  Her adopters are a couple who also adopted a large shih tzu, Buggles, a few years ago.  Now called Bubbles, he and Liza are now friends.  This is a very happy ending to what could have been a really awful story. 

Typhoon signal 1 is up and rain is forecast.  It’s good news for me and the top floor puppies, at least until I can get a new aircon installed.

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