Thursday 11th June: The pups are growing…..

It’s another rainy morning.  In this weather I can’t leave the ex-bedroom pups outside at night even though there is shelter, but the inside section of their bedroom enclosure is getting pretty cramped as the pups have just about doubled in size.  I have spent the night letting the pups out onto the balcony and getting them back in again when they start to bark.  In, out, in, out, and I’m a wreck.

 The top floor pups are growing too, and Nero is turning into a glutton.  When I give them their breakfast Nero stuffs his little face while managing to growl at the others, and his threats obviously hold some weight as he’s given space to eat his fill.  The weather forecast predicts rain again on Sunday and that means no outside terrace for the puppies at Whiskers’n’Paws.  Moving some of them to kennels is the only solution but where to put them?

 In fact there are two young puppies at kennels, a pair I took out recently but didn’t want to bring to Lamma because of the cough epidemic.  I pick up two more at AFCD today, and they join the others at kennels.  One of these pups is a shiny black “labalike”, an ultra friendly girl who has to lick the vet constantly while he checks her out and gives the vaccination.  She looks exactly like a puppy (Chimney) I had last year, and their happy and friendly personalities are also identical.  Chimney also had a sister, and all of these pups were found at Wah Fu Estate, very close to our kennels (and AFCD).  It’s almost certain that they come from the same mother, and from the chubby and healthy condition of the pups I would guess that the mother is a pet that hasn’t been desexed.

 As if to confirm my thoughts about keeping at least some puppies at the kennels, one of the resident older pups is

Banjo leaves for DB today

Banjo leaves for DB today

lucky today and is chosen for adoption.  Banjo will now be living in Discovery Bay, a great place for dogs and home to many of our ex-HKDR collection.




Newfie, the almost-Newfoundland that I got out of AFCD yesterday, is happy to see me and greets me like a long lost friend.  As mentioned previously, it’s often the case that a dog bonds instantly to someone, so desperate are they to “belong”.  That person is usually me as I’m the one that they first have any contact with.  Newfie doesn’t want to let me out of his sight and I end up taking him for a walk down to the Bel Air park, a lovely space which allows dogs. 

Cute Cosmo

Cute Cosmo

I also take Cosmo, one of the office crew.  He’s a lively and lovely 1-year old Tibetan spaniel and he needs a proper walk too. Both are easy to walk and it’s clear that Newfie has been someone’s pet before being abandoned.

 Gavin, the one-eyed schnauzer, is really perking up after coming to us in a really miserable state.  Not only is he showing signs of jealousy when Cosmo asks for, and gets, attention in the office, but as we pass him and Dorothy (the pug) on our walk,  Gavin reacts in a typical schnauzer way, with squeals and threats despite his lack of teeth and poor eyesight.  Schnauzers are definitely the warriors of the little dog world, and it’s why so many of them are abandoned.  They are feisty and brave, and their high pitched and shrill bark is unmistakable.  They’re bought and treated as lap dogs when what they really want is long walks and lots of action.  No wonder so many of them end up on the street.

 Someone has called about surrendering her dog, a 3-year old papillon, and it’s due to arrive today.  Another one to add to the collection of small dogs in the office, but if this is a real papillon as opposed to a Hong Kong pet shop variety (a mix of who-knows what), she should be easy to home.  I have to leave before the dog arrives so I won’t find out until tomorrow.

 The tide is very low again, and the sampan can’t get to the pier near my house.  That means struggling over the rocks with bags of shopping and dog food, not something I enjoy. I guess that’s island life for you.

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