Wednesday 10th June: Dogs on the move

Our behind-the-scenes network has been very busy as always, and while it seems slow for adoptions at the kennels the small dogs in foster homes are moving.  New boy Luke, a very cute and sweet terrier who was temporarily give a place to stay by Susan, one of our long-term volunteers, is going to a great home. Violet, an older dachshund girl, and Slipper, a sweet Pekingese, also move from foster to their new, permanent homes.  Coco, a sweet and chubby senior citizen miniature pinscher who has been one of the office residents since being surrendered by her owner,  moves into foster where she’ll stay until she too is adopted.  Igloo, a lovely large-sized Pekingese has an adoption interview lined up for Saturday, and Buttons the young corgi girl has a chance of a lovely home.  The team that works so hard placing these dogs in homes are all volunteers, most of whom also have full time jobs.  They spend their lunch breaks, evenings and weekends helping the dogs, and HKDR simply couldn’t function without them.



 It’s been a long time waiting for Percy, a lovely young bulldog who’s had quite a history during his time with us. He was not long out of puppyhood when I first met him at AFCD, bald and stinking, with flakes of dandruff falling off him at every shake of his itchy body.  Bulldogs probably have the longest list of congenital defects of any breed (although German Shepherds are pretty high up there), and skin problems are almost guaranteed.  Percy had demodex, a type of mange that can take a long time to treat, especially in a breed that has thick skin giving lots of space for the mites to live and hide.

 It’s hard to find an adopter for a dog that has the strong and unmistakable smell of demodex, or even a foster, so Percy came back to Lamma.  Big and clumsy, he proved to be a great dog who loved to play, especially with puppies.  The problem with a bulldog’s enthusiasm for chasing balls and generally having a good time is that they are prone to heatstroke, and Percy was no exception.  He was rushed to hospital (as much as you can rush on a sampan) where he stayed for some time, his life in the balance.  Heatstroke is like cooking from inside out, and organ failure is a common cause of death in these cases. 

 Of course all treatment for his skin was put on hold while he was fighting for life, and by the time he came out of hospital he was looking and smelling pretty bad again.  Once fully recovered from the effects of the heatstroke he was put back on the demodex treatment, but it wasn’t long before disaster struck again and a bite from another dog (Derek?) ended up as a huge and deep abcess that required surgery and another stay in hospital.  Percy came home with drains poking out of a very long incision in his shoulder, and all skin treatment was again put on hold.  The word went out that Percy urgently needed a foster home as it was far too risky to keep him on Lamma where there was a risk of him being bitten again, and finally someone agreed to take him, stinky skin and all.  As often happens, the foster fell in love with Percy and when the day came for him to meet a serious potential adopter, they couldn’t let him go.  So Percy finally has a home..

 A new dog joins us from AFCD, an incredibly sweet-natured Newfoundland cross.  He has been waiting a long time as he was microchipped and. as always, it takes weeks for either the owner to be traced (so the dog can be officially surrendered), or for all attempts at finding the owner to fail. Newfie is happy to be out, and I hope he won’t have to wait long for a new home as he is such a lovely dog.

 Back on Lamma the new aircon is installed (while I’m out with the dogs), and  everyone is happy.   I finally manage to get a photo of Sandy, laughing as she pops her head up during her game of pretending to be a submarine.  I love that dog!

Sandy emerges from her underwater explorations

Sandy emerges from her underwater explorations

PS: I have just received this video clip from yesterday’s Legco meeting and demonstration.  It’s in Chinese, but you’ll get the idea even if you don’t understand what’s being said.

Click here to watch TV report on 報導 

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4 Responses to “Wednesday 10th June: Dogs on the move”

  1. kelly Says:

    Dear Sally: I am so glad to hear that Igloo has an interview with potential adopter on Saturday, I really wish he can be adopted soon!!! I am your blog fans, excepting I can know well any news around you and the dogs, I hope I could see you telling one day in your blog that Igloo has been adopted, now, the chance is coming, I look forward to hearing the good news for Igloo.

  2. ivy Says:

    Newfoundland cross – another Rollo??

  3. Abby and Lou Says:

    Sandy the submarine is really cute!

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