Friday 5th June: A great day for a swim

At the lake

At the lake

It’s a glorious day and the dogs are keen to get to the quarry for a swim.  They run ahead as we approach the lake and plunge in, and I can almost hear the collective sigh of pleasure.  Sandy, my terrier, has a special way of enjoying the water. She ducks her head under and pushes her face along the bottom, surfaces for air, shakes her head, and then disappears again.  At home I can’t get her near a bath, but outside she loves to swim and play in the water as much as any of the dogs. 

Sandy at AFCD

Sandy at AFCD

I’m not really sure how old Sandy is, as she came via AFCD with a whole family of  Wanchai terriers of varying ages, and I suspect she was the mother of many.  She still had milk, and went on to foster several litters of puppies that I brought home, suckling them until there was no milk left.. I still have one of her “babies”, Gigi, a large and hairy girl, who towers over Sandy but still considers Sandy to be her mother, and vice versa.  Sandy still fusses over Gigi, grooming her face and playing with her.  Gigi’s about 5 years old now, and Sandy is probably around 10, but a lady never tells her age.

Gigi as a puppy

Gigi as a puppy

 Caroline, one of the young puppies who has been coughing, is showing signs of pneumonia.  Her mouth is open as she struggles to take in enough breath and she needs to see a vet as soon as possible.  Most puppies and dogs who get kennel cough recover without any medical intervention, much the same as a human who has a cold, but every now and then it hits a puppy hard and pneumonia develops.  Caroline will stay in hospital on oxygen, but there is no guarantee that she’ll make it.   The puppies that are taken from their mothers and end up at AFCD kennels are always more vulnerable, as they miss out on the protection that is passed from mother to pup via her milk, and even a couple of days without proper care and nutrition puts an immense load on the pups’ immune systems.

 One of the extra cute puppies, Linus, goes off to a foster home where he’ll stay until he finds a home.  It shouldn’t take long given his adorable looks and fluffy coat.  That’s one down at least.

There are still 2 puppies from Linus’s litter at AFCD, so I take them out today along with a very grateful cocker spaniel girl.  She’s been there a long time because she is microchipped and they have to try and trace the registered owner, and once she’s out of prison she can hardly contain herself.  Luckily I have two leashes with me so I clip them together to make an extra long one, and Clara, as I call her, races round as much as she can, so happy to be able to run.  She only needs to have a rabies shot and then we go back to HKDR to find her a space.  She’s a very beautiful cocker and they’re a popular breed, but we’ll need to assess her character before letting her go to a new home.

Belinda the new girl

Belinda the new girl

One of our newer dogs, a young labrador called Belinda, is today’s lucky dog.  She is chosen as a friend for beagle Lemondrop, adopted last year from HKDR.  We know this is a great home, and I look forward to letting the person who found Belinda as a stray know that she has already been adopted.  The whole family had planned to come and visit Belinda this weekend, a trip that will no longer be necessary.

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