Tuesday 2nd June: Still more dogs

I’m woken at the usual time feeling as though I haven’t slept a wink, maybe because I have been up and down all night trying to stop the dogs and doglets from barking, and now even the puppies are joining in.  In the moments that I’m actually in bed all I can think about is how to make all the dogs disappear, painlessly, quickly and quietly.  One puppy in particular is yapping away happily into the night, at what I have no idea, and I end up going out onto the balcony to get her in resulting in puppy poo all over my feet. A doglet in the garden, who for the last couple of night has wanted to sleep in a crate, decides in the early hours that he feels trapped and starts to panic, so I have to go and let him out.  That means disturbing all of the dogs sleeping downstairs, who then get Minky on the top floor going.  I have surround sound barking and feel as though I’m going mad. I’m grateful that I don’t have neighbours.

 Today there is yet another batch of puppies due for their second vaccination, one of which I know is going to a home on Thursday (this is yours, Mel!).  The second vaccination is such an important one as it gives puppies at least some protection against parvovirus and distemper, and it’s a relief when they make it through to that stage.

 It’s also another AFCD day, and I go to take out the big dog I saw yesterday.  He’s absolutely gorgeous, and a ‘breed’ I call a Hong Kong Collie.  This ‘breed’ has a very distinctive look, with a tan coloured longish coat and a slightly pointed black muzzle. I have a theory that all the areas in HK and New Territories have their own “breed”, and that if the dogs from there were DNA tested they would be found to be related.  Many of the stray dogs that are picked up in Shek O, for example, are sharpei crosses, and presumably they are the descendants of two dogs who have gone on to colonise the area. Many of these dogs are white, or white/tan, and I have seen quite a few litters of them in the past couple of years (in fact I have a group with me now).  Waffle, Bread and Bacon were Shek O pups, and now I have my darling ChippyChippy (and her less loving brothers).  They were already about 4 months old when I saw them at AFCD, well past the age for proper socialization with humans, but Chippy was the spitting image of Bread and Waffle and I couldn’t leave them there.  Chippy has always been the most charming puppy, with huge doe eyes and a very gentle and sweet nature.  I can’t resist her appeals for cuddles, and when I feel a paw on my back,  I know it’s her.  I hope someone can love her as much as I do, but she is shy in company and my attempts at taking her to Whiskers’n’Paws were miserable failures.  She just trembled and shook like a leaf, frozen with fright.  Not the happy family pet that most people are looking for.

 Other dogs at AFCD that have been waiting for release for a while have been given the green light, and I take little pug girl, Dorothy, and a very happy and cute terrier boy who’s in serious need of a haircut.  There are still many others waiting but there’s simply no room at HKDR.

 At SPCA the two small dogs get the all clear and cross the road to our kennels where the terrier gets his much needed all-over shave, while Dorothy, who is creating a snowstorm with her moulting hair, gets a bath and a good brushing.  However Miles, the Hong Kong collie, has an irregular heartbeat, so I’m asked to take him back in a few days to see if it’s just stress or whether he needs an ECG.

 Vada from Whiskers’n’Paws has given us some new dog houses to trial, as I had been complaining that the kennels that are on sale in HK aren’t waterproof and quite useless for shelter in the rain.  Problem is that these new houses need to be assembled so everyone studiously ignores them as they sit in their boxes by the gate.  It’s a job for tomorrow (when I won’t be around as I have other plans).

To help us save more dogs’ lives, click here to make a donation.


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