Sunday 31st May: Getting a bit desperate

SparkleIt’s already the last day of May and the year is whizzing by so fast it’s scary.  It’s also another Sunday and a trip to Whiskers’n’Paws with some puppies.  I want to take all of them but choose a few from one group, and also decide to take my two scoundrels, Minky and Sparkle.  Minky 1I know Sparkle suffers from terrible travel sickness and in hindsight should have put her in a travel crate, but it’s always a last-minute rush to get out of the door and onto the sampan on time so I just make sure I have plenty of plastic bags with me.  Sure enough, the drooling starts as soon as we leave the pier, and by the time we get to Ap Lei Chau Sparkle has already vomited a few times.  If you’re lucky you can have the plastic bag ready and waiting, but puppies seem to have an aversion to bags and will inevitably turn their head at the last minute.  As we pull in alongside the pier at Ap Lei Chau, the sampan is bouncing up and down as the wash from passing container ships creates big waves, and I pick Sparkle up to jump ashore.  This is all too much for Sparkle and she poops in fright.  It’s also the final straw for the poor sampan lady as she too has as much as she can take and promptly vomits herself.  I make a mental note to call another sampan for next Sunday as I’m not sure this one will be too happy to take me and the pups next time.

Unlike last Sunday, the weather is perfect and all the puppies, except 3 news ones (Dylan in photo), Pup Dylanare out on the terrace.  There are lots of visitors today, dogs that were adopted from HKDR and who have come back to say hello.  There’s Waffle, one of our poster boys who, along with his brother, Bread and WaffleBread,  still features in our current ads.  Irene, now Berri. Who is possibly looking for a friend to join her family.  Banka, a regular, and Sugar (ex-Gertrude) a bulldog mix who has everyone’s attention as she plays non-stop with a giant ball.  What a character!  I’m so happy to know that Sugar will soon be moving to New York with her family.  She’s come today to have her photo taken for the HKDR Calendar and photographer, Ali Bullock, is there to do the honours.

 My own puppies also have great fun, running around and playing with everyone.  Pup JerryI don’t know what it is about the Pup HappyWhiskers’n’Paws terrace, but all the dogs seem to know it’s a big playground made especially for them.  Only Sparkle, just recovering from her nightmare journey, sits quietly under a table.  She’s so different at home, lively and affectionate, and I don’t know how I will ever get potential adopters to see that side of her.

 A late visitor arrives.  It’s labrador Blanco, just adopted from our Pokfulam kennels, a lucky boy today.  This is the second time round for him, as he was previously adopted 2 years ago and suddenly returned  without notice.  It was nothing to do with Blanco or his behaviour, just another &%$@$ who got tired of having a dog and decided one day to dump him on our doorstep.  Believe me, that person got an earful from me.

 Even though there are so many people today there are no puppies adopted, so it’s back to Lamma with the full contingent.  Thankfully someone has donated a travel crate so at least Sparkle is safely contained for the crossing.

Pup Nero It’s a big day for puppy Nero, now not only fully recovered but also getting to be a bit tubby because he has nothing to do but eat.  I know it’s vital  that Nero is socialized and he also needs the exercise of playing with other puppies, so today I move him out of his solitary confinement and in with a group of puppies who are about the same size.  After being thoroughly investigated and checked out by the other pups, Nero starts to play as though he has been doing it all his (short) life.  I love the way puppies do that, everyone is an instant best friend.  If only humans could be the same.

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