Friday 29th May: A relatively quiet day

There’s a lot of interest in yesterday’s story about the dog that was stuffed into a small chicken crate and dumped by the rubbish bins.  The SPCA inspectors are quick to follow up and reply, and I’m told that the dog was (surprisingly) microchipped and the owner contacted.  He said the dog went missing a week ago and no, he didn’t want it back.  The dog has now been officially surrendered to AFCD and is technically due to be destroyed without even the 4-day grace period. Now here’s how the law works.  An animal is considered property, and as such the registered owner has the right to do what he or she wants with the animal.  This particular owner claims the dog was lost, failed to notify AFCD or anyone else, and when told the dog had been found simply says I don’t want it, and that’s his right.  In fact, the registered owner of an animal can INSIST that a dog be destroyed, even if there is someone who wants to adopt it.  It’s a handy way of getting rid of a problem, such as a suspected cruelty case.  I contact AFCD about the dog and they tell me that the dog is under a year old but won’t be available for rehoming immediately as they are investigating the case.  I sincerely hope that they do, but am relieved that the dog is at least in safe custody until a decision is made.

Merlin Merlin, a very cute Pekingese cross, is returned by his recent adopters. He has apparently bitten someone.  Pekes don’t look like lions for nothing, and I have learned over the years that they are stubborn, grumpy, independent and fearless.  Their home is, as far as they’re concerned, their kingdom and they are the rulers.  The flip side of that is that they are funny, affectionate, have great characters and look like Winston Churchill.  They don’t tolerate fools, and I have grown to love them for all these reasons.  I have also learned not to mess with them as you will quickly find out who’s in charge, and I approach all unknown pekes with caution.  Merlin blinks innocently at me as he sits by my chair in the office, and I feel sorry for him and all his misunderstood fellow pekes.

 Having failed to find any scissors that can cut through more than rice paper, Lox is still a mess of clumps.  I decide to move him from his half kennel space (we didn’t have room to give him a whole one), to one of the outside enclosures that was recently created.  I’m not sure how he’s going to feel about being moved even though he is so placid and quiet in his kennel.  I loop a leash round his neck and am happy to find that this time there is no thrashing and twisting, and it’s relatively easy to lead him to his new space.  As I suspected, as soon as he feels the earth beneath his feet, he cocks his leg against the fence and relieves himself.  Dogs really hate to dirty their living area and I suspected that poor Lox had been holding everything in.  Sometimes when I have taken dogs from AFCD after their 4-day stay, as soon as we are out of the gates they stop to pee. And pee and pee, until a small river is flowing down the gutter.  The they poo, again and again, in the short time it takes to get from AFCD to the SPCA clinic a hundred yards away.  So it is with Lox, and I’m happy that I made the decision to move him.  I notice, however, that there is some blood in his poo and that his breathing is laboured.  He has touble eating, even soft food,  and I know that his teeth are broken.  It’s possible that they got broken at the time he was picked up by the dog catchers, as I’m sure he put up a real fight.  It’s also possible that he has heartworm, as dogs that live outside and don’t have heartworm prevention are almost inevitably infected.  Getting Lox to the vet to have all of these things checked out is going to be interesting.

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