Weds 13th May: Sage has a close call

 Up way too early as usual.  The doglets (dog teenagers) have a different idea from mine about a suitable time to be out of bed,  but they always win.  There is a stampede for the door as I open it and they all tumble out into the garden.  Toilet duties over (they all run up to the wooded area for this), it’s time to start the day’s play.  Pepper, a black and tan boy, brings me a toy, his now-routine ritual.  This “teenage” stage of a dog’s life is when their individual personality starts to show and, just like human siblings, there is a distinct and very different character in every one.  Pepper’s sisters are still quite timid but he is affectionate and thoughtful, almost never to be seen without a large toy stuffed in his mouth.  I wonder about moving him to the kennels so he can be seen and hopefully adopted, but also know there is no space for him there.

 Docker is another young boy who should really be in a home.  His tail was mangled when I picked him up from AFCD kennels so it had to be docked (cut off).  He is a lovely doglet, cute with his little sharpei-type ears and stubby tail, and an easygoing nature….

 Interruption there when I spotted one of Pepper’s sisters, Sage, hanging by one back paw from the top of the 6-foot fence that surrounds the garden.  She must have been outside all night and was trying to climb back in and slipped.  It was sheer luck that I noticed her as I doubt she could have lasted long hanging upside down, and the pain from the foot must have been bad.  I ran out and up the slope to where she was hanging, lifted her up so the weight was off her foot, then started to call for help.  Her foot was jammed in so tight that it was impossible to get it out.  The calling became yelling, then screaming, as I was stuck where I was, supporting Sage and unable to move.  Finally, after about 10 minutes,  some neighbours came running and were able to prise the foot out of the fence, much to both Sage’s and my relief.  I was wondering how much longer I could stand there with a 20kg dog in my arms.

 That drama over, I take the dogs out for their walk.  We go to our usual spot, an old disused quarry which has three lakes as well as the sea for swimming.  In this weather everyone plunges in as soon as they can.  This is truly dog heaven.

 Later at the kennels I decide I must give the new peke, Igloo, a shave as he has a very long and thick coat as it’s too hot for that.  As he has just been desexed and had the facial fold operation, it’s a bit of a mess but I manage to get most of the excess fur off.  He’s happy and enjoys a walk afterwards.  I realise he must be toilet trained as he relieves himself several times.  I wonder where he came from and why he ended up abandoned at the AFCD kennels.  He is such a lovely dog.

 The very hot weather is around the corner and now all thoughts are on how to keep the dogs cool.  I installed a swimming pool in the Lamma garden last week but the dogs are very suspicious and think it’s a trap.  It’s actually a very large fish holding tank as used in fish farms, but it makes a brilliant dog pool if only they would realise it!  At least I get to splash happily after our walk.


4 Responses to “Weds 13th May: Sage has a close call”

  1. Kelly Says:

    Igloo was abandoned on the street, situated outside the Aldrich Garden Park in Shaukeiwan, Hong Kong East. He was found without dog collar and micro chip. It was so danger to let him walk free on the street becoz of many cars passing by. At that time, he is so nervous and follow anyone he doesn’t know. He was finding his master for almost 3 hours on the street, I know that he eagers his master to take him home. Poor Igloo, he is a very nice and friendly doggie, I hate his iresponsbile master!!! Hope Igloo will rehome soon.

    • Sally Says:

      Thanks for that information Kelly. Igloo is a very nice little dog, very sweet and easy. Now he’s also handsome thanks to the facial fold operation (or will be once it heals). Many thanks for saving him. Sally

  2. ken Says:

    what an eventful day you had,Sally. So much love for the dogs.

  3. Sally Says:

    Thanks for taking the time to read my blog, Ken. I hope it gives others an insight to the dogs and their lives, and hopefully we’ll see more adoptions as a result.

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