Tuesday 12th May – Getting hot and humid

Today it’s the turn of Billy’s brother, Benji, to move to the kennels.  Benji doesn’t have any of the confidence of Billy although they are almost identical in looks, and it’s a traumatic day for him.  I am torn as always, but I can’t keep every puppy and there is a time when moving to kennels helps the less confident puppies because they meet new people and get used to “normal” life as opposed to the very much dog-orientated Lamma life.  Luckily Billy is already there to show his brother the ropes, including where the big water bowl is that can double as a splash pool.

 Back to AFCD to take out two more mixed breed puppies, this time a bit older so they are microchipped, rabies vaccinated and licensed before leaving.  Nona is a very outgoing, confident and happy 5-month black girl puppy, while her kennel mate, Banjo, is a month younger and is therefore overpowered by Nona’s age and enthusiasm.  Poor Banjo is quite thin, but still wants to be with the only friend he has known recently when they are parted for short time during their vet checks.

 I get messages from my friend and fellow dog rescuer telling me that she has got 2 very young and weak baby pups who were found by a rubbish bin.  They are tiny, only 5 weeks old, and not the usual mixed breeds but a Chihuahua and a Miniature Pinscher.  An urgent foster is needed and I say I will try my best to find one.  At such a young age and being so tiny it’s not sure if the pups will survive.  They had been at the rubbish site for 2 days, far too long for any baby pup.

 Back at kennels, lovely Quaker is adopted.  He is one of a large family group picked up by the AFCD dog catchers  in Stanley.  They must have been fed or taken care of by someone, as all of these pups and young adults were so loving and friendly.  Quaker was the only male and the last to be adopted.  His siblings are doing well in their new homes, and we’re all happy to say goodbye to Quaker as he leaves.

 Igloo, the peke taken from AFCD yesterday, has his facial fold operation and looks a bit like he’s been in a car accident, but it’s very short-term and he is already keen to get out for a walk only a couple of hours after the surgery.  It’s amazing how dogs just take everything in their stride.  Full face lift, nip and tuck?  Nothing.  Let’s go for a walk!

 Jet, a loving but strong dog, is brought over from Lamma to have his skin checked.  It’s patchy and dry, but skin scrapes show no mites and it looks like it could just be bacterial infection, so medicated shampoo and antibiotics are prescribed.  I’m hoping that’s the case, as skin problems can be a lot of hard work.

 Jazzy, a very sweet-natured pom cross, goes for a grooming session at Whiskers’n’Paws, and when she is brought back just doesn’t want to get out of the car.  She sits firmly on the driver’s lap and that’s it.  After a very short discussion it’s agreed that Jazzy can stay as a guest of Whiskers’n’Paws, staying at the store during the day and going back home at night, until she is adopted.  Good for Jazzy, a very lovely and deserving little dog.  I hope she finds a great home soon.

 The Sunday Post magazine have responded to a letter of outrage sent by both myself and Mark Curran, our HKDR dog trainer, in response to an article they published which included the advice to “jerk a dog on a choke chain” and not to reward good behaviour with treats. This type of training went out many years ago and is in line with beating children for “bad” behaviour, not something we , or any good trainer, would even contemplate.  We see too many dogs being surrendered as a result of this type of fear-based training, and the result is a dog that bites because it is afraid.

 Back to Lamma and the tide is still low, but fortunately there are no puppies or heavy load to carry over the rocks, only Jet who pulls strongly to get back home.


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